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    Is the Sackett series written in chronological order?

    Is there a family in'sackett'?

    Is there a book called the Sackett Companion?

    What movies have the Sacketts been in?

  2. Sackett - Book Series In Order › sackett

    Chronological Order of The Sacketts Books The “Sackett” series is told in the first person and is narrated by different members of the Sackett family. Because of this, the series is very much the family history of the Sackett clan, as it traces the family moving from England to America, and then as the clan moves west.

  3. Order of Sackett Books - › characters › sackett

    The Sackett series was not written in chronological order. Below is the list of Louis L’Amour’s Sackett western novels in both chronology and publication order: Publication Order of The Sacketts Books Chronological Order of The Sacketts Books

  4. The Sacketts - chronological | Series | LibraryThing › series › The+Sacketts

    Series: The Sacketts - chronological. ... Sackett's Land, To the Far Blue Mountains, The Warrior's Path, Jubal Sackett, Ride the River by Louis L'Amour: omnibus 1-5:

  5. The Sacketts Books In Publication ... - Book Series › series › the-sacketts-2

    The first novel in the series that featured a Sackett was “Sackett’s Land” that was first published in 1974 to almost overnight popularity. The series of novels follow members of the Sackett clan such as Parmalee, Galloway, Flagan, Falcon, Lando, Nolan, Logan, Echo, Kin-Ring among others.

  6. Sackett - Wikipedia › wiki › Sackett

    Sackett's Land, published in 1974, is the first novel chronologically of the Sackett novels, taking place around AD 1600 in England (including The Fens and Queen Elizabeth I 's London), on the Atlantic Ocean, and the Atlantic Seaboard of North America, particularly in the vicinity of Cape Hatteras.

  7. 1st Chronological Louis L'Amour Booklist › original › louischron
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  8. 2nd Chronological Louis L'Amour Booklist › original › louischron2

    What I have attempted to do is take some of my favorites, the Sackett, Chantry and Talon novels and put them in chronological order. While the Sacketts are the best known, he had also planned to write 2 other series about the Chantry and Talon families giving a sort of history of the U.S. in story form.

    Book Name
    Main Character
    Approx. Time
    Fair Blows The Wind
    Tatton Chantry
    Founder of the Chantry Family
    Sackett's Land
    Barnabas Sackett
    Late 1500's - Early 1600's
    Sackett Family "Founder"
    To The Far Blue Mountains
    Barnabas Sackett
    Early 1600's
    Sackett Family "Founder"
    The Warrior's Path
    Kin Ring & Yance Sackett
    Founders Of Cumberland Gap (Kin Ring) & Clinch Mountain (Yance) Sacketts
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