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  1. Einstein's Special Relativity - dummies › einsteins-special-relativity

    Einstein’s theory of special relativity created a fundamental link between space and time. The universe can be viewed as having three space dimensions — up/down, left/right, forward/backward — and one time dimension. This 4-dimensional space is referred to as the space-time continuum. If you move fast enough through space, the ...

  2. Theory of relativity for Dummies: The content explained simply › blog › hardware

    Jul 15, 2021 · Theory of relativity explained simply. The theory of relativity deals with space, time and Gravitation, and was a true milestone in physics. Many things like Warp drive and time travel advanced through a piece more into the Possible. It is made up of two theories. The special theory of relativity.

  3. Physics for Kids: Theory of Relativity › theory_of_relativity

    The theory of relativity is a very complex and difficult subject to understand. We will just discuss the very basics of the theory here. The theory of relativity is actually two theories that Albert Einstein came up with in the early 1900s. One is called "special" relativity and the other is called "general" relativity.

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  5. ... Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity (Chapter 1): Introduction.The theory of relativity, or simply relativity, encomp...

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  6. Simple Relativity is a 2D short educational animation film. The film is an attempt to explain Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity with a simpler v...

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  7. Einstein’s Relativity Explained in 4 Simple Steps › science › article

    May 16, 2017 · Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is famous for predicting some really weird but true phenomena, like astronauts aging slower than people on Earth and solid objects changing their shapes at ...

  8. General Relativity explained like you've never seen before › generalrelativity

    General Relativity explained like you've never seen before. A super-quick, super-painless guide to the theory that conquered the universe. scroll down. to begin. For 100 years, the general theory of relativity has been a pillar of modern physics. The basic idea is so elegant that you don’t need superpowers to understand it.

  9. Spacetime Diagrams and Einstein’s Theory For Dummies › maliyou1 › Lessons

    Lesson 1 Topic: Description of Motion, Galilean Relativity Principle . Objective: To learn the Galilean Relativity Principle and the notion of invariances . Work: 1. Write the coordinates of the points A and B. Then, using any method, calculate the distance between the points A and B in the coordinate system XOY below. The scale is given in ...

  10. How would you explain the theory of relativity to dummies ... › How-would-you-explain-the-theory IT IS WRONG!!!! :) I would explain that the theory of relativity is incorrect and does not describe the Universe. answer ...

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