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    The 20th (twentieth) century began on January 1, 1901 (), and ended on December 31, 2000 (). The 20th century was dominated by significant events that defined the modern era: Spanish flu pandemic, World War I and World War II, nuclear weapons, nuclear power and space exploration, nationalism and decolonization, technological advances, and the Cold War and post-Cold War conflicts.

  2. See List of 20th-century classical composers by birth date and 20th-century classical music. ... Clickable and searchable version of graphical composers timeline with ...

  3. Jan 16, 2019 · Many of the romantic period composers to come after him, including the Schumann, Liszt, and Brahms, adored his music. His music and compositional style show a clear development from the classical period into the romantic period. Popular Works: Winterreise, Quintet in A Major “Trout” Op. 114, and Piano Trio in E Flat Major

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  5. 4th Century BCE: Romans first experienced theatre in the 4th century BCE, with a performance by Etruscan actors. The theatre of ancient Rome was a thriving and diverse art form, ranging from festival performances of street theatre, nude dancing, and acrobatics, to the staging of Plautus’s broadly appealing situation comedies, to the high-style, verbally elaborate tragedies of Seneca.

  6. Sep 05, 2018 · Before the start of the classical period, baroque music was written in many forms by many composers over the course of 150 years. Known for its inconsistency, baroque music encompasses the use of basso continuo, degrees of ornamentation, self-expression, open forms, and the formation of counterpoint.

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