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  1. Best Portuguese FoodMeat main dishes Cozido à Portuguesa (Portuguese stew) Cozido à Portuguesa is the mother of all traditional Portuguese food! It is a slow-cooked dish made with a variety of vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes, cabbage, turnip, and different pieces of meat, chicken, beef, pork, chouriço, and morcela. It is a ...

  2. Feb 01, 2018 · Ragu is a meat-based sauce used in many Italian pasta dishes and is made with ground meat, finely chopped sauteed celery and carrot, tomatoes, red wine, stock and milk, cooked on a very low heat for 3 or more hours. The ingredients vary by region in Italy and can include different meats and liquids, and can often exclude tomatoes.

  3. Mar 29, 2019 · When we say tortilla in Sweden, we usually talk about thin bread made from flour. In Spain however, a tortilla is basically a Spanish omelette made of eggs and potatoes. And it is delicious with countless varieties according to the traditional family and regional recipes. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or even for dinner.

  4. Apr 04, 2020 · when it comes to Turkish food, Pide is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a type of flatbread, which is baked in a stone- or brick oven. They are widely available across the whole country, although toppings can vary a lot. Some common fillings and toppings include cheese, onions, peppers, ground beef, eggs, pastrami, sausage, tomatoes, etc.

  5. Bouillabaisse is seafood stew and typically made with fresh bony fish, shellfish, mussels, vegetables, herbs and olive oil. The origins of the dish are the fish stews cooked by the fishermen in Marseilles who used to cook big pots of fish and let the stew boil and then simmer for a long time before eating the meal together with their friends and families.

  6. Jitrnice is the meat and offal of pork cut into tiny pieces, filled in a casing and closed with sticks. Meat from the neck, sides, lungs, spleen, and liver are cooked with white pastry, broth, salt, spices, garlic and sometimes onions. Klobása, known as Kielbasa in the United States, is a smoked meat sausage-like product made from minced meat ...

  7. Irish cuisine is the style of cooking that originated from the island of Ireland or was developed by Irish people.It has evolved from centuries of social and political change and the mixing of the different cultures in Ireland, predominantly from nearby Britain and other European regions.

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