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  1. Sep 21, 2022 · For APA the reference list is arranged in alphabetical order of authors' surnames. Arrange by first author's name, then by second author if you have the same first author, etc. ( check the page on Authors for how to lay out the reference if you have more than one author ). If a reference has no author, list it alphabetically according to the title.

    • Sharon Bryan
    • 2019
  2. Sep 16, 2022 · The APA 6th Style manual specifies the following for the reference list. The word References should appear in bold in upper and lower case and be centred at the top of the page. All references should be in a " hanging indent " format. (This means that the first line of each reference is flush against the left margin and the subsequent lines of ...

    • Hannah Fulton
    • 2012
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  4. The most common categories and examples are presented here. For the reviews of other works category, see Section 10.7. Periodicals. Journal Article References. Magazine Article References. Newspaper Article References. Blog Post and Blog Comment References. UpToDate Article References.

  5. Sep 01, 2022 · Basic Format for citing an image in the Reference List: Last name, First initial. (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of work]. URL. Note: If you can only find the screen name of an author, use that as the author's name. Maintain the formatting of the screen name. For example, if a screen name is in all lower case, keep the name in ...

    • Paige Neumann
    • 2010
  6. As a change from APA 6 to APA 7, it is no longer necessary to include the ebook format in the title. However, if you listened to an audiobook and the content differs from the text version (e.g., abridged content) or your discussion highlights elements of the audiobook (e.g., narrator's performance), then note that it is an audiobook in the ...

    • Paul Lai
    • 2014
  7. For example, the reference entry for a source written by Jane Marie Smith would begin with "Smith, J. M." If a middle name isn't available, just initialize the author's first name: "Smith, J." Give the last name and first/middle initials for all authors of a particular work up to and including 20 authors ( this is a new rule, as APA 6 only ...

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