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    A transgender (often abbreviated as trans) person is someone whose gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth. Many transgender people experience dysphoria, which they seek to alleviate through transitioning, often adopting a different name and set of pronouns in the process.

  2. The style guidelines should not prohibit what is probably the most-commonly style used in Wikipedia footnotes. The use of yyyy-mm-dd dates is standard in some citation styles off-Wikipedia as well, e.g., the ISO 690-2 standard for citation format specifies it.

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  4. Nov 14, 2022 · 跨性別(英語: Transgender )人士的性別認同或性別表現與他們出生時指定性別不同。 如果跨性別人士以醫學手段從一種性別轉換到另一種性別,則有時會認同自己為變性人。

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