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    • What is the English version of Encarta?

      • , the complete English version, Encarta Premium, consisted of more than 62,000 articles, numerous photos and illustrations, music clips, videos, interactivities, timelines, maps and atlas, and homework tools, and was available on the Internet by yearly subscription or by purchase on DVD-ROM or multiple CD-ROMs.
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    The hypertext and search engine used by Encarta also powered Microsoft Bookshelf . Encarta used database technologies to generate much of its multimedia content. For example, Encarta generated each zoomable map from a global geographic information system database on demand.

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    Its standard edition includes approximately 41,000 articles, with additional images, videos and sounds. Its larger editions contain appoximately 63,000 articles and other multimedia content, such as tours. Its articles are integrated with multimedia content and may have a collection of links to websites selected by its editors. A sidebar may displa...

    Encarta made use of various Microsoft technologies. For example, the map engine is adapted from its MapPoint software. Unlike Microsoft Office, Encarta software only supports Microsoft Windows with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Encarta 98 was the last version to be released for the Macintosh. However, an Apple Macintosh or Linux user with Internet...

    Each summer, Microsoft will publish a new release of Encarta. However, despite the inclusion of some news-related articles, Encarta's contents have not been changed substantially in recent years. Besides the yearly update, the installed offline copy may be updated once or twice a month for one year to three years for free depending on the edition. ...

    Early in 2005, the online Encarta started to allow users to edit articles. Articles are not immediately updated. User edits are submitted to Encarta's editors for review, copyediting, and approval. 1. 2. 3. 4. h...

    Some detractors believe that some Encarta articles have been slow to be updated. For example, an early 2005 edition of the article about John Rawls, a famous political philosopher, opens with "Rawls, John (1921- )", although he died on November 24, 2002. Encarta seemed to have overlooked noting the date of his passing. As of April 2005, this proble...

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    Microsoft published similar encyclopedias under the Encarta trademark in various languages, including German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Localized versions may contain contents licensed from available national sources and may contain more or less content than the full English version. For example, the Dutch version ha...

    Britannica's 1989 Compton's Multimedia Encyclopedia was the first "multimedia" CD-ROM encyclopedia. Grolier's 1985 Academic American Encyclopedia on CD-ROM was text-only. In 1990, when it was called The New Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia (1988-1991), still pictures were added, The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM first appeared in 1992 as Th...

    Encarta's standard edition includes approximately 50,000 articles, with additional images, videos and sounds. The premium editions contain over 62,000 articles and other multimedia content, such as 25,000 pictures and illustrations, over 300 videos and animations, and an interactive atlas with 1.8 million locations. Its articles are integrated with...

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