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  1. DSM-5 is not merely a revision of DSM-IV. It does something far more fundamental. Readers should view the publication of DSM-5 as the abandonment of the Disease-Centered Paradigm by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) for the study and treatment of mental illness.

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    However, writing in April 1939, Rowbotham declared: "So after nearly a hundred years, the fantastic pessimistic philosophy of the brilliant French diplomat is seized upon and twisted to the use of a mystic demagogue who finds in the idea of the pure Aryan an excuse for thrusting civilization dangerously near back to the Dark Ages."

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    Indeed, the purpose of an encyclopedia is to collect knowledge disseminated around the globe; to set forth its general system to the men with whom we live, and transmit it to those who will come after us, so that the work of preceding centuries will not become useless to the centuries to come; and so that our offspring, becoming better instructed, will at the same time become more virtuous and ...

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  6. A system for case-based organizing and querying of a database (102). The database (102) may comprise a set of objects (106), such as text documents. The database (102) may be organized by examining each object (106) and associating that object (106) with a set of property values, such as keywords.

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