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    wide ar·e·a net·work
    /ˌwīd ˌerēə ˈnetˌwərk/


    • 1. a computer network in which the computers connected may be far apart, generally having a radius of half a mile or more.
  2. A wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network that extends over a large geographic area. Wide area networks are often established with leased telecommunication circuits.

  3. Dec 02, 2020 · Wide-area network definition and examples WANs connect smaller networks across long distances, and their architecture, protocols and technologies have evolved to their latest incarnation, SD-WAN. ...

  4. An enormous network of dedicated phone lines, telephones, and modems linked the sites together. The foundation of the IP-based Internet started with the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), the first wide-area packet-switching network with distributed control and the first network to implement TCP/IP protocol suite.

  5. Una wide area network (WAN) è una rete di telecomunicazioni che si estende su una grande distanza geografica per lo scopo principale della rete di computer. Per definizione, la WAN è una rete che attraversa regioni, paesi o addirittura il mondo. Le reti geografiche sono spesso stabilite con circuiti di telecomunicazione in affitto. Le imprese ...

  6. WAN is de afkorting voor wide area network. De term wordt weinig zelfstandig gebruikt, meestal heeft men het over WAN-verbindingen. Een wide area network kan verspreid zijn over een redelijk groot oppervlak zoals een land of een continent. Het omvat een verzameling machines om gebruikersprogramma's op te laten draaien. Deze machines worden ...

  7. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams. Two very common types of networks include: Local Area Network (LAN) Wide Area Network (WAN) You may also see references to a Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), a Wireless LAN (WLAN), or a Wireless WAN (WWAN).

  8. LPWAN (low-power wide area network): Low-power WAN (LPWAN) is a wireless wide area network technology that interconnects low-bandwidth, battery-powered devices with low bit rates over long ranges.

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