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  1. world mu·sic

    /wərld ˈmyo͞ozik/


    • 1. traditional music from the developing world.
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  3. World music - Wikipedia

    Traditional folk and indigenous music from around the world is typically separated by Westerners to "contemporary folk music" and "world music", the former synonymous with European and North American traditional music and the latter non-European and non-North American traditional music. Definitions of "contemporary folk music" are generally vague and variable themselves. According to musician Hugh Blumenfeld Musically, is mainly Western European in its origins; linguistically, it is predominantl

    • Indigenous cultures worldwide
  4. World music | Britannica

    World music, broadly speaking, music of the world’s cultures. In the 1980s the term was adopted to characterize non-English recordings that were released in Great Britain and the United States .

  5. World Music | Definition of World Music by Merriam-Webster music

    Definition of world music. : popular music originating from or influenced by non-Western musical traditions and often having a danceable rhythm — usually hyphenated when used attributively.

  6. What is World Music - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    World music can be traditional (folk), popular or even art music, but it must have ethnic or foreign elements. It is simply not our music, it is their music, music which belongs to someone else. A review of the literature shows that "world music" is a relatively recent term, and one appearing in ever wider contexts.

  7. What is World Music?

    World Music is, to over-simplify, music from around the world. Sounds that reflect a particular culture through the use of geographically-specific musical structure, instruments, and in some cases, lyrics that also reflect a cultural or social reality.

  8. What in the world is World Music? | Music of World Cultures ...

    World music is the the music that emerges from traditional cultural practices throughout different non-western cultures of the world. World music is a category of music that consists of many different genres that western culture has conglomerated into a single name.

  9. World music | Definition of World music at

    noun. popular music of various ethnic origins and styles outside the tradition of Western pop and rock music.

  10. 1 What is World Music? Fact Sheet

    World Music or global music, is music from all over the planet, right? Well, you would be correct, except it usually doesn’t include any music that would fit in a regular Top 40 pop chart! The term “World Music”was coined by an ethnomusicologist named Robert Brown.

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  11. What does world music mean? - definitions music

    world music (Noun) traditional music (sometimes called folk music or roots music) of any culture that are created and played by indigenous musicians or that are "closely informed or guided by indigenous music of the regions of their origin," including Western music (e. g. Celtic music).

  12. World Music Styles & Genres - LiveAbout

    World Music Styles & Genres. Learn about international musical genres and the instruments used to create their exceptional sounds. From Celtic to Reggae to Klezmer, discover the best albums, most influential artists, and most distinctive elements of each style.