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    • When did English drama become popular?

      • The genre came to spectacular maturity in the mid-1670s with an extravaganza of aristocratic comedies. Twenty lean years followed this short golden age, although the achievement of the first professional female playwright, Aphra Behn, in the 1680s is an important exception.
  1. There were originally thought to be two types of drama: comedy and tragedy. That said, when you refer to dramas from the 19th century, this term actually refers to a staged theatrical performance that is neither one nor the other (thus the term took on a new meaning of its own).

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    • April 09, 2018
  2. In film and television, drama is a category or genre of narrative fiction (or semi-fiction) intended to be more serious than humorous in tone. Drama of this kind is usually qualified with additional terms that specify its particular super-genre, macro-genre, or micro-genre, such as soap opera, police crime drama, political drama, legal drama, historical drama, domestic drama, teen drama, and ...

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    • Primitive Theatre
    • Greek Theatre
    • The Middle Ages
    • The Renaissance

    Since this is a brief history of drama, you're probably subconsciously asking yourself, 'When did people begin acting out plays?' Well, I hate to tell you, but I don't know. Actually, no one knows for sure. What we do know is that all drama is simply an imitation of actions or ideas, so many theories suggest that the first dramatic stories were pro...

    And while we aren't quite sure where or how it all began, we do know that the Greeksembraced theatre as a means to worship their mythical gods. In doing this, they transformed drama from a ritual into sort of a ritual-drama and held festivals in honor of the Greek god of wine and fertility, Dionysus. Think of this sort of like spring break in Miami...

    Theatre continued to be popular through the fall of the Roman Empire. With the onset of the Middle Agesfrom 500-1500 A.D., however, the Church had different views of the mythological gods and saw theatre as evil. Most theatre was outlawed, and drama was only performed by traveling groups of actors. Eventually, though, the Church saw the value of th...

    You might already know the word Renaissancemeans 'rebirth'. In the case of drama, the Renaissance, which lasted from approximately 1400-1700, was the rebirth of interest in theatre across Europe. In fact, the Renaissance introduced many of the elements we still think of when we imagine a theatre: indoor theatres, an arched stage, a curtain dropped ...

  4. Minstrel shows were a popular working class entertainment in the decades before the Civil War. White performers with blackened faces sang and danced in skits that presented caricatures of slaves....

  5. Mar 02, 2022 · Shakespearean plays were performed in specially built theatres. One of the most famous theatres is the Glob Theatre. The Globe Theatre was an octagonal building. The area just in front of the stage was called the 'pit'. This was where the poorest people would stand and watch. Around the pit there were three galleries, rising one above the other.

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