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  1. Background Hip hop. Trump's name first appeared in hip hop lyrics during the 1980s when the business mogul became an icon of the ultra rich. Among the earliest mentions of Trump in rap lyrics was the Beastie Boys' track "Johnny Ryall" on the 1989 Paul's Boutique album, in which they contrast Donald Trump with his homeless alter-ego, Donald Tramp.

  2. Radical populists rarely survive long enough to change the system. Wikileaks releases about Hillary Clinton:

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  3. Oct 22, 2018 · The Assassination of Donald Trump. OK … here’s a question for you. Let’s assume, strictly for the purposes of argument, that Donald Trump is literally Hitler, or at least a proto-Hitlerian fascist, like the neoliberal ruling classes and the corporate media have been saying he is. And let’s go ahead and also assume that he’s a ...

  4. A major aspect of Donald Trump's presidential election campaigns, in both his 2016 campaign, and his 2020 campaign, are his prominent and frequent political rallies.Below are musicians who have voiced opposition to their music being used at the rallies, or for other political purposes, and the actions they took in response to their use.

  5. Nov 28, 2016 · Donald Trump appeared during the end credits of this movie when it appeared in theaters, but it was omitted in both the regular DVD and “director’s cut” version. Celebrity (1998) Donald Trump is interviewed near the end of this movie by Robin, a character played by Judy Davis.

  6. Oct 02, 2018 · President Donald Trump may not be mainstream Hollywood’s favorite person at the moment — but he was once the toast of the town. While many A-list entertainers try their best to toe the liberal ...

  7. The Character Assassination Of Pres. Trump By The Coward Lying Media We’ve had Booth, Oswald and Hinckley — but Trump faces a much more insidious threat! See the cartoon to see how the lying media is killing Trump’s presidency with fake news!