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  1. Oct 15, 2019 · Know Your Termite. There are two kinds of termites that can affect wooden furniture — subterranean and drywood. Subterranean termites can live in both soil and wood. These creatures prefer moist conditions where they can build their colonies. Generally, subterranean termites thrive under homes, destroying wooden foundations.

  2. As the insects eat away at your furniture, the resulting spaces also provide them with a discreet home inside your home. Learning to detect the presence of termites and how to get rid of them is essential to avoiding the destruction they can cause. What kind of furniture can termites infest? Drywood termites live in small colonies inside dry wood. Unlike other termites that need moisture from an outside source, drywood termites get the moisture they need from the wood they are infesting.

  3. Nov 04, 2021 · Other, less common, types of termites include the smaller drywood termite and the invasive Formosan termite. How Can I Prevent Termite Infestation? Make the Structure Less Attractive to Termites. During construction, use a concrete foundation and leave a ventilation space between the soil and wood. Cover exposed wood surfaces with a sealant or ...

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  5. Because they can survive without soil or moisture, drywood termites may be found in some places in your home where subterranean termites may not live. They can infest virtually any wooden item in your home, including furniture (especially antiques), built-in cabinets, door and window frames, baseboards, exposed beams and wood paneling.

  6. Apr 11, 2017 · There are two main types of termites that can cause problems to people’s homes and other parts of their property: subterranean and drywood. True to their name, drywood termites don’t require much moisture to survive, and thus can thrive within the drier woods found in hardwood floors, attic spaces or higher-up areas of a home.

  7. Jan 24, 2020 · Drywood termites require less moisture than subterranean termites to live. These termites typically build their colonies in the rafters and eaves of attics, garages and other wooden spaces, and can also be hard for homeowners to detect on their own.

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