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  1. Jan 21, 2020 · Patio floor tiles, and specifically, porcelain exterior tiles, are often even more durable than natural materials like stone and wood, depending on the PEI rating, so you can really get the best of both worlds. Pros of Using Outdoor Tile Flooring. Cost: You can get gorgeous stone-look or wood-look tile for, like, $2/sq ft. Just to remind you ...

  2. Mulch Cost. Economy mulch costs $15 to $30 per cubic yard or $2 to $6 per bag, while hardwood or colored mulch is $30 to $40 per yard or $3 to $8 per bag. Dyed mulch for a 160-square-foot flowerbed costs $75, and wood chips for a 500 sqft. landscape area runs $120 to $250 delivered.

  3. #21 Termites . If you own a home, odds are this isn’t the first you’re hearing about termites. One of the few pests powerful enough that mortgage companies make you pay for protection to qualify for buying a home. Known as the silent destroyer, termites can rip through walls, floors, any wood, and even wallpaper virtually undetected.

  4. This wood is grown in abundance in the protected forests of Vietnam. The hardness and natural oils of the wood make the tiles resistant to termites, fungi, rot and decay. Additionally it is also mold and mildew resistant. The wood is carefully kiln dried before production to ensure supreme quality. They come with a smooth tan finish.

  5. May 06, 2022 · One package of such granules can cover up to 5000 square-feet, but all scientists are repeating their mantra: “This method is a humane one, but it can’t be used on an industrial scale.” The key word is “scaring”. These granules can be great in order to create some kind of a “protective wall” against voles. Just put it along the ...

  6. Aug 16, 2018 · Clay is present just about everywhere, and even soils described as “sandy loam” can contain as much as 20% clay. To the naked eye, it may look like sandy soil, but with a 20% clay content, every 10 pounds of soil is hiding 2 pounds of clay ready for harvest.

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