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      • They speak an Austronesian language, and most are literate, using an Indic-derived script that they write on bamboo. The Hanunóo were largely out of contact with schools and missions at least as late as the early 1950s.
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  2. It is spoken by the inhabitants of Basque Country and northern Navarre. Catalan is spoken in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and Valencia (autonomous communities). About 17% of the population speaks Catalan, making its speakers one of the largest bilingual, non-state communities in Europe.

  3. Top language spoken at home ( Pew Research survey, 2019) [6] Spanish (81%) Catalan (8%) Valencian (4%) Galician (3%) Basque (1%) In terms of the number of speakers and dominance, the most prominent of the languages of Spain is Spanish (Castilian), spoken by about 99% of Spaniards as a first or second language. [7]

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    • Galician
    • Basque
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    Example:Benvingut(Welcome) Catalan is by far the most widely spoken regional language in Spain. It is spoken in the independent communities of Catalan, Valencia, Aragón, Murcia and on the Balearic Islands, with various regional differences. With around 11 million speakers in four countries, Catalan is also the most spoken regional language within t...

    Example: Benvido(Welcome) Another widely spoken regional language in Spain is Galician, which, like Spanish and Catalan, belongs to the romance family of languages and can similarly trace its heritage back to Latin. In Galicia, it is spoken by around 3 million people, and the language has incredibly close ties to the Portuguese language. But beware...

    Example: Ongi etorria(Welcome) In the Basque country you will encounter another fascinating language. Basque is a so-called isolated language, which, according to current research, is not related to any other living language, making it unique in Europe. It is estimated that Basque is spoken by 700,000 people in the Basque region, an area along the ...

    Alongside these three well-known regional languages, there are a few others in Spain, some of which are only spoken by a few thousand people. These include Aragonese (spoken in some areas of Aragón), Extremaduran (spoken in Extremadura) and Asturian(spoken in the extreme northwest of Spain and the bordering areas of Portugal).

    The one thing that allregional languages in Spain have in common is that they have experienced an extremely turbulent history, and the usage of these languages is still a contentious political issue. Under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, which lasted from 1936 till 1975, regional languages were marginalized and even banned in public places. B...

    What does this mean exactly? In the respective regions, the co-official languages can be used to communicate with authorities, they are used as the teaching language in schools, and road signs and notices are often displayed in both. Nowadays, there are also many cultural institutions dedicated to the research, conservation and promotion of regiona...

  4. The official language of Basque. The official language of Galicia. Aanese (i.e. Gascon / Occitan) is a co-official of the English language. It is not an official language, but it is a recognized dialect of the Asturleonese language (Asturian and Leonese).

  5. Do They Speak French In Spain? 11 in English. There are 7% of the population who speak English, and 0% who do not. The language is called their mother tongue by 42% of them. The French language is five. A majority of French speakers are 85 percent, and one percent are indigenous. 36% of native speakers are English speakers.

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