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  1. 15 Timeless Fashion Items Every Woman Should Invest In | CIIN ... › styling › ciin05052002-timeless
    • Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Black. The Chanel classic flap bag is one of the most iconic in the history of fashion. Identifiable for its flap top, the bag comes in a number of colors and styles, the black remaining the most remarkable, with a choice of white or yellow hardware.
    • Louis Vuitton Pegase Legere 55. It’s only fitting to own a piece of luggage from one of the prestigious luggage companies in the world. As Louis Vuitton handbags increase in popularity one may forget that it all started on a ship, taking people from here to there.
    • Cartier Love Bracelet. Could there be a more iconic piece of jewelry. The Cartier love bangle has proven its worth and practicality many times over. The variety in its offering means that it can cater to your specific lifestyle.
    • Diamond Tennis Necklace. Perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen in the world of jewelry is the introduction of diamond tennis necklaces as everyday items a few years ago.
  2. 15 Timeless basics worth having in your wardrobe ... › 15-timeless-basics-worth

    Feb 21, 2019 · 15 Timeless basics worth having in your wardrobe Wardrobe basics; they’re the foundation of any good closet, and the building blocks for our personal uniform. And for me, timeless basics are a huge part of my style identity.

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  4. Eight things that are worth paying more money for › 2019/07/10 › eight-things-that-are
    • Get a quality mattress. Getty Images. When it comes to your sleep, don't mess around. You should get the most comfortable, supportive mattress you can afford, Dogen said.
    • Dental care. PeopleImages | E+ | Getty Images. A standard toothbrush may only cost you a few dollars, but Dogen believes it pays to upgrade to a sonic toothbrush with ultraviolet sanitizer.
    • Food and food prep items. monkeybusinessimages | iStock | Getty Images. It's worth paying more for fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, according to Dogen.
    • Athletic shoes. Man tying running sneakers on a tropical exotic cliff. m-gucci | iStock | Getty Images. If you are on your feet for the bulk of the day or you like to work out frequently, a comfortable pair of shoes is "essential," said Danielski.
  5. 50 Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style (And Why They’re ... › maya-kachroo-levine › 2015
    • The Beatles. The Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964, which marks the official start to Beatlemania in the United States, and somehow, the Beatles craze is still going on today.
    • Thank you notes. They originated long before email chains and LinkedIn connections. Yet nothing goes farther than a hand written Thank you note.
    • Martinis. The first James Bond movie was released in 1963 – right around the time Don Draper was knocking martinis back with Roger Serling. Bond is still going for them, and so are you.
    • Red lipstick. Because we’ve been trying to look like Marilyn Monroe for the last 50 years, and don’t intend to stop.
  6. 50 Timeless Chinese Proverbs Worth Memorizing › en-us › lifestyle
    • Wisdom, condensed. Plucked directly from Gerd de Ley’s Book of Chinese Proverbs: A Collection of Timeless Wisdom, Wit, Sayings & Advice, these 50 proverbs really strike a chord and are worth keeping in your back pocket.
    • On self-expression. Not every action has to be productive, or to move something forward. Sometimes you just have to respond to the moment that you're in.
    • On being lost in darkness. You can’t see it, but it can probably see you. Unless its eyes are doing that spooky glowing-thing. Then you can probably see it.
    • On want and fear. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Or dry. If cat jokes are more your speed, check out these hilarious cat memes. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.
  7. Timeless Quotes - BrainyQuote › topics › timeless

    A timeless piece of jewelry, like pearls or stud earrings, has lasting value. I bought a vintage ring for $600 with my first paycheck; I plan to pass it down to my daughter.

  8. Timeless Skin Care Review - Must Read This Before Buying › reviews › timeless-skin

    Aug 03, 2020 · Is Timeless Skin Care Worth It? Based on the research I conducted for this Timeless Skin Care review, I concluded that their price points are incredibly affordable and competitive . Talking about serums specifically, products from different brands of a similar calibre can cost up to $185 or more.

  9. 55 Antiques Worth a Lot of Money - Valuable Antiques and ... › shopping › antiques

    Apr 30, 2020 · There are a lot of nuances that determine a card's worth though, so if you've come across a hoard of old cards, it's worth getting them appraised. Based on variables like condition, player, and year, a card can be sold online for thousands of dollars. What it's worth: Up to $3.2 million. BRIAN WOODCOCK. 15 of 55.

  10. What is your opinion of NBC'S Timeless? - Quora › What-is-your-opinion-of-NBCS-Timeless

    At times its entertaining at times, I have some serious issues with it. It tries too hard to push its politics in the show. For time travel shows, I prefer to focus on the time travel and plot, but it seems to make sure it gets some political mess...

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