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    • Hiring a Virtual Assistant. Anthony Clervi, managing partner at Una, said investing in a virtual assistant can be "invaluable." Hiring an efficient assistant to take care of administrative tasks enables you to focus more on the aspects of your work that need your attention and could help shave hours off your workweek.
    • Working Out With a Personal Trainer. Personal trainers cost an average of $26 per hour, PayScale reports. This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but personal trainers can help you meet fitness goals that you might not be able to achieve on your own — and you can't put a price on your health.
    • Subscribing To Newspapers and Other Publications. "The world is moving so fast that daily news can be overwhelming and distracting. What's really benefited our business and me professionally is investing in thoughtful commentary from industry analysts days or weeks after a series of events take place," said Nis Frome, general manager at Coderbyte. "
    • Choosing High-End Furniture. With furniture, you usually get what you pay for, so it's often worth it to spend more upfront to avoid having to replace a cheap piece of furniture after just a couple of months.
    • Get a quality mattress. Getty Images. When it comes to your sleep, don't mess around. You should get the most comfortable, supportive mattress you can afford, Dogen said.
    • Dental care. PeopleImages | E+ | Getty Images. A standard toothbrush may only cost you a few dollars, but Dogen believes it pays to upgrade to a sonic toothbrush with ultraviolet sanitizer.
    • Food and food prep items. monkeybusinessimages | iStock | Getty Images. It's worth paying more for fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, according to Dogen.
    • Athletic shoes. Man tying running sneakers on a tropical exotic cliff. m-gucci | iStock | Getty Images. If you are on your feet for the bulk of the day or you like to work out frequently, a comfortable pair of shoes is "essential," said Danielski.
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  2. Jan 24, 2017 · 5Term life insurance. Yes, it's a little morbid to go there, but it's worth noting. If your life is cut short unexpectedly, you don't want to leave your family burdened by any funeral costs. Unanticipated turns of fate make the $20-40 monthly charge for a term life insurance plan well worth it.

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  3. Nov 01, 2017 · Opting to keep hot collectibles in storage is usually a gamble that will pay off, especially if you’re not ready to sell. The most popular collectibles can change as quickly as the seasons, but there are a handful of items that will always be worth storing with care. These things have merit and are timeless.

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