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  1. Old vs. New: Willy Wonka | Channel Awesome | Fandom › wiki › Old_vs
    • Round 1 - Best Willy Wonka
    • Round 2 - Best Supporting Cast
    • Round 3 - Best Music
    • Round 4 - Best Visual Style
    • Round 5 - Best Story

    NC: (Voiceover) These are two of my favorite actors: Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp. Every time you see them, they're a ton of fun to watch, playing a ton of different characters, ranging from kind and innocent [meaning Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands] to psychotic and ... Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein: LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE! NC(Voiceover): ...more psychotic. But which one is the best Wonka? Well, let's take a look at Wilder. He has the ideas and ambition of a child, yet the mind and demeanor of a James Bond villain. [A picture of a James Bond poster is shown called The Candy Man, with Wilder's Wonka pasted in, and James Bond music playing in the background] NC(Voiceover): Every time you see him, you feel welcome, but also a little disturbed. When you look at him, you have no idea what he's thinking. You just know that he already has everything planned out. Wonka(Mel Stuart): Two naughty, nasty little children gone. Three good, sweet little children left. NC: (Voiceover)...

    NC: (Voiceover) In the Wonka version, all the kids are great actors and reflect the bratty stereotypes of the time. In the Charlie version, they pretty much got that down, too. In fact, they updated. Mike Teevee is more obsessed with video games than he is with television, and his parents are a lot more careless, like the kind of hapless people who wouldn't mind letting technology raise their child. Mike(Tim Burton): DIE, DIE, DIE!! NC: (Voiceover) I also like the update with Violet, as they make her a winning-obsessed champion, and not just a gum enthusiast. The mother is updated, too, reflecting kind of a perfect soccer mom who pushes her daughter's victories to the nth degree. That's a little bit more of a modern problem than a girl who just chews a lot. How about Grandpa Joe? Both are different, but both seem to be supportive and strong, especially when it comes to prancing out their bed-ridden sheets, fucking figures. [Cuts to footage of Dr. Strangelove standing up and everybod...

    NC(Voiceover): Now the songs from Willy Wonka are known by pretty much everybody. They're catchy, they're timeless, they're household tunes. [Footage of song sequences from Wonka movie are shown] Bill(Singing): The Candy Man Can. Mrs. Bucket(Singing): Cheer Up, Charlie. Grandpa Joe and Charlie(Singing): I've Got a Golden Ticket! NC (Voiceover): So who do you get to try to match songs like those? Well, the guy who did the music for The Nightmare Before Christmasis pretty good. Composer Danny Elfman has practically done all of Tim Burton's movies. So it was pretty lucky that he also happened to be a songwriter. But how can you compete with songs that everybody knows and loves? Well, their solution was actually pretty clever. The songs don't appear until they enter the factory, and are only sung by the Oompa Loompas. But with every song they sing, they try a new decade of music. They start off with the 50's mambo... Oompa Loompas(Singing): Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, the great big,...

    [Footage of both movies are shown] NC(Voiceover): This one really is like apples and oranges, because they both have very distinct looks. The look of the Wonka movie has sort of a timeless feel, almost like it could take place anywhere. But to be fair, the Charlie version does, too. Burton really knows how to take our modern day world and make it look like something out of a fairy tale. The cinematography and sets are just so exaggerated, they're absolutely perfect. But in a sense, that's also a problem with the film. The first half is so cleverly set up and visually clever that it actually kind of loses its edge when it goes inside the factory. There's a few too many things going on, so it's a little too dark to make everything out. In Wonka's version, you could see everything fine. And the strangeness was a great contrast to the typical everyday world we saw in the first half. But the Wonka version has problems, too. The film does have sort of a 70's tin to the whole thing. And on...

    NC(Voiceover): While both versions seriously deviate from the book, I give credit that they both create their own vision of what they're trying to say. As I said before, the Wonka version is more focused on the Charlie character and the Charlie movie is ironically more focused on the Wonka character. Isn't that strange? And I have to be honest, I went into the Charlie version expecting to hate it. But when it started, I didn't find it that bad. It seemed creative and felt like it was trying to start its own unique version and it actually kind of worked. That is, again, until Depp showed up. [Depp's Wonka laughs] NC: DEPP! NC(Voiceover): But then again, the Charlie version is almost banking on the fact that you saw the other version. The scene where Grandpa Joe walks is almost glanced over, and like I said before, Charlie is so underdeveloped, you could pretty much just run the movie without him. He's pretty much a footnote next to Wonka. The film also shows a lot more, like, I never...

    • September 22nd, 2009
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  2. Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas | Channel Awesome | Fandom › wiki › Inspector

    Dec 06, 2016 · NC: Aren't you even afraid those elves might be kidnapped by Willy Wonka when you're not looking?! (A picture of Willy Wonka surrounded by Oompa Loompas is shown) NC (vo): Gadget, of course, goes to greet who he thinks is Santa. (Claw lets down the screen window to shake Gadget's hand) Claw: Ah, Gadget. You're always welcome at the North Pole.

  3. Double Dragon | Channel Awesome | Fandom › wiki › Double_Dragon

    But what do you expect when you're using this high-tech 2007 technology? NC (voiceover): So our heroes get stuck at a dead end where it looks like the Mohawks have the advantage. But another gang called the Power Corps protects them as their gang leader, who I think is skipping grade school to be in this movie, tells the Mohawks to piss off.

  4. Super Mario Bros.: The Movie | Channel Awesome | Fandom › wiki › Super

    NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to. You know, Hollywood has a talent for taking symbols of our prized childhood and turning them into indescribable quantities of fecal matter, and nowhere is that more prominent than in the horrors of the Super Mario Bros. movie. Poster for the movie, then screen caps of the games NC (voiceover): The game, about two Italian ...

  5. Zero Punctuation - Wikiquote › wiki › Zero_Punctuation

    Apr 02, 2021 · Shortly however, karma bites him in the ass when he finds himself embroiled in a sinister plot and having to explore strange ethereal worlds based on the subconscious minds of those around him. It's all kind of like if Tim Burton knocked up David Lynch in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and he did meth right up until the birth.

  6. Sarah Lee Jones Through the Years with Voice ... - Idea Wiki › wiki › Sarah_Lee_Jones_Through

    The Movie, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, A Christmas Carol, Mike, Lu & Og, The Book of Pooh, Earthworm Jim, The Little Engine That Could, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, Wonder Park, Happily N'Ever After, Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo, Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie, Winnie the ...

  7. History for Funny/CinemaSinsIndividualFilms - TV Tropes › pmwiki › article_history

    As it happens, this page became so big it had to be split into multiple pages. Wiki Sin, but an unsin for the series having this many funny bits.bits. * [[Funny/CinemaSinsIndividualFilms0toH 0-H]]

  8. most of these could still have Wolverine slapped on to them ... › 159862 › most-of-these-could

    If you're going to make a Metroid Courtroom Drama please don't forget to cast Gwendoline Christie as Samus Aran. posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 10:16 AM on May 24, 2016 [ 3 favorites ] Calvin and Hobbes and Firefly are two beloved things that are fucken over! get over! it, so they provides most of the fodder for this crap.

  9. mc5 : Film Club › mc › mc

    Uncle Korky - A Bridge U2 Far [IS,P] You could well be right - and you certainly are about Chalky. In my defence, as I said above, this is the only game I do this in, and I really appreciate the opportunity to do something approaching 'quickfire'.

  10. Rifftrax Série TV 2006 - - Casting, bandes annonces et ... › serie › rifftrax

    Retrouvez toutes les infos sur les 4 saisons et 892 épisodes de la Série TV Rifftrax, Résumé, casting (acteurs et actrices) les notes et critiques des membres, des bandes annonces et des séries similaires.

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