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  1. Sep 13, 2022 · Federalist papers, formally The Federalist, series of 85 essays on the proposed new Constitution of the United States and on the nature of republican government, published between 1787 and 1788 by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay in an effort to persuade New York state voters to support ratification. Seventy-seven of the essays first appeared serially in New York newspapers ...

  2. Sep 17, 2022 · Federalist Party, early U.S. national political party that advocated a strong central government and held power from 1789 to 1801, during the rise of the country’s political party system. The term federalist was first used in 1787 to describe the supporters of the newly written Constitution, who emphasized the federal character of the proposed union. Between October 1787 and August 1788 ...

  3. The 2016 Republican convention featured people killed at the hands of undocumented immigrants, as well as a sheriff proclaiming "blue lives matter." The Democratic convention, on the other hand, provided a forum for testimonials from the mothers of black men and women killed in confrontations with police.

  4. The Federalist Society invites to its events "capable liberal advocates to try to rebut conservative perspectives." The Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy is the Federalist Society's official journal, and a subscription is provided to members. The Federalist Society is a client of the public relations firm Creative Response Concepts.

  5. The Democratic-Republican Party, also referred to as the Jeffersonian Republican Party and known at the time as the Republican Party and occasional other names, was an American political party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison in the early 1790s that championed republicanism, agrarianism, political equality, and expansionism.

  6. The left seems to think that people who voted for him just really wanted a president who would be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., and characterize all Trump supporters as such. While these people do exist, they are in the minority of Trump supporters. Most of us just want a president who will do what we want to be done in America.

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