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  1. The Federalist Party was a political faction and party that existed from the 1780s into the 1820s. The party favored a strong central government and tended to side with pro-British foreign policy and trade. Opposition to the Federalist Party was found in the Anti-Federalists and later Democratic-Republicans. The Federalists dominated American ...

  2. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison organized the Democratic-Republican Party in the 1790s to counter the Federalist Party of John Adams and Alexander Hamilton. Andrew Jackson created the new Democratic Party in the 1820s and won the presidency in 1828 by consolidating the remnants of the Democratic-Republican Party and attracting first-time voters.

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  4. Who started the Federalist Party? Alexander Hamilton When and where was John Jay born? In 1745 he was born into a wealthy merchant family in New York What did John Jay become? A successful lawyer and an opponent of slavery Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Jay How was John Jay's time as Chief Justice

  5. The House of Representatives, with its large membership, has relied on Majority Leaders since the late-19th century to expedite legislative business and to keep their parties united. In the three decades following the Civil War, when America’s current two-party system crystalized, the concept of the Majority Leader was far more informal than it is today. At the time, the majority party ...

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  6. Jul 16, 2015 · The first Federalists were people at the Constitutional Convention who supported ratification. You could say the main leaders of that party were James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who wrote...

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