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  1. Alexander Hamilton DOMESTIC POLICIES: The Federalist Party saw the Articles of Confederation as weak and indicative of the inevitable instability a nation will face without a strong centralized government. Thus, the party advocated heavily in favor of the Implied Powers of the President within the Constitution alongside Federal Supremacy.

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  3. Sep 7, 2018 · When Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice, as he almost certainly will be, it will mean that five of the nine Supreme Court justices are members of the Federalist Society, a network of conservative and libertarian lawyers that has become one of the most powerful groups in America today.

    • Sophie Mcbain
  4. The men who favored the strong union and who fought for the adoption of the Constitution by the various states were called Federalists, a term made famous in that meaning by the Federalist Papers (see Federalist, The) of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.

  5. The Federalist Party: Creating a New Government. By Adam E. Zielinski. Of all the things the Federalist Party can be labeled among its enemies of the era, no one could undermine the very nature of its inception. The concept of American republicanism was at the forefront of its creation in 1787; what its members fought for tooth and nail would ...

  6. Apr 23, 2008 · This week in our series, Frank Oliver and Ray Freeman describe the beginnings of the two-party political system in the United States. George Washington did not belong to a political party. There ...