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  1. Local anglers continued to fish at the quarry unaware of the drama unfolding 60 feet below. The water has been used in the past for the illegal dumping of cars, and both divers say they saw cars deep below the surface. A dumped mini estate was found near the body. But police are understood to have ruled out any link between that car and the body.

  2. Early Days; The Handless Corpse. Special Report; Mr Big; Filming; TV New Zealand; 25th Aniversary; Redevelopment

  3. 'Eccy Delph' was redeveloped into the diving centre from 2000 onwards, here are a few photos . Many thanks to Smudge at ProScuba for providing some of the photos on this page.

  4. 48ft Cruiser - Sitting at 15 metres. Transit Van, Sitting at 12 metres. Shots 360 Aircraft cockpit. Mini Cave, Sitting at 3 metres. Gnome garden, Sitting at 3 metres. Two speed boats, Sitting at 10 metres. Two 20ft containers, Sitting at 8 metres. Playground, great fun and very amusing - Sitting at 6 metres.

  5. In quarrying during the late 1800s and early 1900s, the stone was broken-out using black powder. Holes were put down about 10 feet deep by a steam drill. This method yields a large quantity of material unsuited for building stone, and thus finds its way to road construction and other foundation work.

  6. Sep 17, 1995 · A water-filled abandoned quarry here has always attracted the occasional trespasser, eager to swim in the deep, clear water or dive off the 50-foot cliffs.

  7. Jul 02, 2009 · Both are irresistible lures to the high school and college kids who flock to the 50-foot cliffs and remarkably clear turquoise water 300 feet deep just down from the Indian Point nuclear plant....