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    Built over the Vltava river in Prague in 1402 under the commission of the Charles IV (1316-1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, this bridge completely replaced the old wooden Judith Bridge that served the citizen of Prague between 1172 and 1342, after which it was destroyed in flood.

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    • Brooklyn Bridge: 1883. Location: New York (Spans the East River) First steel-wire suspension bridge. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964. Initially, Brooklyn Bridge was known as ‘New York and Brooklyn Bridge’.
    • Tower Bridge: 1894. Location: London, England (Spans the River Thames) Tower Bridge is sometimes mistakenly referred to as London Bridge which is the next bridge upstream.
    • Golden Gate Bridge: 1937. Location: San Francisco, California (San Francisco Bay) The Golden Gate Bridge has been closed three times for weather. The color of the bridge is officially called international orange.
    • Charles Bridge: 15th Century. Location: Prague, Czech Republic (Spans the Vltava River) Charles Bridge is the second oldest bridge in Czech Republic. Eggs were used to enrich the mortar to make it bind to the stone blocks better.
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    Prague Castle (Czech: Pražský hrad; [ˈpraʃskiː ˈɦrat], German: Prager Burg) is a castle complex in Prague, Czech Republic, built in the 9th century.It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.

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    Dec 05, 1989 · The Warsaw Pact’s declaration marked a crucial first step toward the transformation of the 34-year-old, Soviet-led military bloc into the “political alliance” now advocated by Moscow--and ...

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    • Chapel Bridge – Lucerne, Switzerland. Found in the quaint Swiss village of Lucerne, Chapel Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Europe. It is also one of the most beautiful and most photographed.
    • Stari Most – Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emily | Wander-Lush. Mostar’s Stari Most, the ‘Old Bridge’, is a symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina and absolutely one of the most iconic bridges in Europe.
    • Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland. Faith | XYU and Beyond. The iconic Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin is nicknamed from the original toll of one Ha’penny that it cost to cross when it was built.
    • Charles Bridge – Prague, Czech Republic. The Charles Bridge is one of the most popular places to visit in Prague. The Gothic bridge connects Prague Castle and the city’s historic Old Town district.
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    To bridge that gap and aggregate the data from a wide set of sensors around the city, PwC supported the City of Prague in designing and implementing a new data platform with the ability to integrate the diversified information, give open access to public city data and perform advanced analytics tasks.

  8. The first of the Bourne franchise trots around Europe, supposedly in France and Switzerland but most of the film was shot in Paris and around Prague in the Czech Republic.. The opening scene of amnesiac Jason Bourne rescued from the Mediterranean by a fishing crew was filmed, not out in the ocean, but with a boat tied to the harbour of Imperia, on the coast of northwest Italy in the Liguria ...

  9. Czechs mark end of lockdown with bridge dinner › czechs-mark-end-lockdown-bridge

    Jun 30, 2020 · Crowds gathered on Prague's Charles Bridge on Tuesday to celebrate the end of the Czech Republic's coronavirus crisis with a group dinner along a gigantic table set up on the historic landmark. The EU member of 10.7 million people has by now eased most of the anti-virus measures it introduced early on -- thanks to which it has fared relatively well, registering fewer than 12,000 coronavirus ...

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    This is a very important part of our history and of the history of the communist era in its most western country. This period started in late 1967, respectively on the 5th of January 1968 when Alexander Dubček was elected as the First Secretary of...

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