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  1. 3 days ago · Initially intended to celebrate evolving technologies, the festivals ended up as a technology exposition and a rock festival as a combination of music, computers, television, and people. After losing several million dollars on the 1982 festival, Wozniak stated that unless the 1983 event turned a profit, he would end his involvement with rock ...

  2. 3 days ago · Electronic music was also popular throughout the decade; at the beginning of the 2000s, genres such as trance, chillout, house, indietronica, and Eurodance (in Europe) were popular. By the end of the decade, late 1980s/early 1990s inspired dance-oriented forms of electronic music such as synthpop , electropop , and electro house had become popular.

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  4. 2 days ago · The Roaring Twenties, sometimes stylized as the Roarin' 20s, refers to the decade of the 1920s in Western society and Western culture. It was a period of economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge in the United States and Europe, particularly in major cities such as Berlin , [1] Chicago , [2] London , [3] Los Angeles , [4] New York ...

  5. 2 days ago · The Cyrillic script was created in the First Bulgarian Empire. Its first variant, the Early Cyrillic alphabet , was created at the Preslav Literary School . A number of prominent Bulgarian writers and scholars worked at the school, including Naum of Preslav until 893; Constantine of Preslav ; Joan Ekzarh (also transcr.

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    3 days ago · A passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a given person's identity. It enables its holder travel to and from foreign countries and to access consular assistance while overseas. The document certifies the personal identity and nationality of its holder. Standard passports contain the full name, photograph ...

  7. 4 days ago · To provide large current transients, Pioneer invented a whole new type of transistor called the Ring Emitter Transistor, where many low power transistors were etched into the silicon die and ran in parallel. To top it off, the M-25 was the first component that I saw in person that had gold-plated connectors to ensure years of noise-free ...