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  1. For the Republic of China from 1949, see Taiwan. China, officially known as the Republic of China ( ROC) was a country in East Asia based in mainland China from 1912 to 1949, prior to the relocation of its government to Taiwan as a result of the Chinese Civil War. At a population of 541 million in 1949, it was the world's most populous country.

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    Taiwan is an island country in East Asia. The main island, known historically as Formosa, makes up 99 per cent of the area controlled by the ROC, measuring 35,808 square kilometres (13,826 sq mi) and lying some 180 kilometres (112 mi) across the Taiwan Strait from the southeastern coast of mainland China.

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  4. The Philippine Republic is considered by Filipino historians to be the first proper constitutional republic in Asia Although there were several Asian republics predating the First Philippine Republic - for example, the Mahajanapadas of ancient India, the Lanfang Republic, the Republic of Formosa or the Republic of Ezo, and Aguinaldo himself had ...

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    Myanmar officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and formerly known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia.Myanmar is bordered by Bangladesh and India to its northwest, China to its northeast, Laos and Thailand to its east and southeast, and the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to its south and southwest.

  6. Feb 24, 2009 · The Philippines was the first democratic republic in Asia but was short-lived. General Emilio Aguinaldo declared the republic in June 12, 1898. It was dissolved when the general was captured by ...

  7. Pskov Republic (1348–1510) Confederacy of Tlaxcala (1348–1520) Dithmarschen (c. 1400 – 1559) Republic of Cospaia (1440–1826) Golden Ambrosian Republic (1447–1450) Maritime republics. A maritime republic was a thalassocratic city-state during the Middle Ages in which the merchant class had considerable power.

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