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    • Who was the first ruler of South Asia?

      • The modern history period of South Asia, that is 16th-century onwards, witnessed the start of the Central Asian dynasty named the Mughals, with Turkish-Mongol roots and Sunni Islam theology. The first ruler was Babur, whose empire extended the northwest and Indo-Gangetic Plain regions of South Asia.
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    2 days ago · The best-known medieval Chinese name for Tibet is Tubo (Chinese: 吐蕃; or Tǔbō, 土蕃 or Tǔfān, 土番). This name first appears in Chinese characters as 土番 in the 7th century and as 吐蕃 in the 10th-century (Old Book of Tang, describing 608–609 emissaries from Tibetan King Namri Songtsen to Emperor Yang of Sui).

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    1 day ago · Third-graders can choose one of seven languages (English, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German) as their first foreign language. [435] [436] [437] In Vietnam's high school graduation examinations , students can take their foreign language exam in one of the above-mentioned languages.

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  4. 2 days ago · History of China ANCIENT Neolithic c. 8500 – c. 2070 BC Xia c. 2070 – c. 1600 BC Shang c. 1600 – c. 1046 BC Zhou c. 1046 – 256 BC Western Zhou Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Warring States IMPERIAL Qin 221–207 BC Han 202 BC – 220 AD Western Han Xin Eastern Han Three Kingdoms 220–280 Wei, Shu and Wu Jin 266–420 Western Jin Eastern Jin Sixteen Kingdoms Northern and Southern ...

  5. 6 days ago · The Philippine Commonwealth was established in 1935, as a 10-year interim step prior to full independence. However, in 1942 during World War II, Japan occupied the Philippines. The U.S. military overpowered the Japanese in 1945. The Treaty of Manila in 1946 established the independent Philippine Republic.

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    1 day ago · South Asia. South Asia is the southern region of Asia, which is defined in both geographical and ethno-cultural terms. The region consists of the countries of Afghanistan [note 2], Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. [7] Topographically, it is dominated by the Indian Plate and defined largely by the Indian Ocean ...

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