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  1. General elections were held in Pakistan on 7 December 1970 to elect members of the National Assembly. They were the first general elections since the independence of Pakistan and ultimately the only ones held prior to the independence of Bangladesh. Voting took place in 300 general constituencies, of which 162 were in East Pakistan and 138 in West Pakistan. A further thirteen seats were reserved for women, who were to be elected by members of the National Assembly. The elections were a fierce co

    • Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
    • Dacca
    • 5 December 1963
    • Awami League
  2. Jan 21, 2011 · Pakistan was born on the map on 14 August 1947. At its birth Pakistan had two parts commonly referred to as East and West Pakistan. During the year 1970 when Pakistan had a war with India, East Pakistan was completely cut off from the West Pakistan and following the elections in 1971, the East Pakistan was separated from the West and since then ...

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  3. As a result, the post-independence history of Pakistan has been characterized by periods of military rule and political instability. On October 7, 1958, Iskander Mirza enforced the first Martial Law in Pakistan with the help of Ayub Khan. Ayub Khan was designated as the Chief Martial Law Administrator.

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  5. Post Independence. Pakistan was formed on 14 August 1947 with two Muslim-majority wings in the eastern and northwestern regions of South Asia, separated by Hindu-majority India, and comprising the provinces of Balochistan, East Bengal, the North-West Frontier Province, West Punjab and Sindh. The partition of British India resulted in communal ...

  6. Nov 22, 2020 · 1. Syed Badrul Ahsan: Fifty years ago, in 1970, a general election took place in Pakistan. It was the country’s very first election in its twenty three-year history. It would have ramifications that are today part of the political narrative in our part of the world. It is important that, half a century on, we travel back to that year, the better to remember all that happened in the twelve months of an exciting period in our times, the better to acquaint the generations that came to life ...

  7. Creation of Pakistan [ edit] On 14 August 1947 (27th of Ramadan in 1366 of the Islamic Calendar) Pakistan gained independence. India gained independence the following day. Two of the provinces of British India, Punjab and Bengal, were divided along religious lines by the Radcliffe Commission.

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