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  1. The witness also alleged one of the shooters was a tall man with a handkerchief over his face. Robinson was well known for his unusual height (Zobel, Boston Massacre, pp. 212, 295–98). Edward Manwaring, an employee of the customs service in Quebec City and on the Gaspeé Peninsula before coming to Boston in 1767, was charged based on the ...

  2. 539. From Lord Hillsborough, 7 March 1770. Following the funeral of Christopher Seider, an escalating series of confrontations ensued between British soldiers and the townspeople of Boston. On 2 March, eight or nine soldiers of the 29th Regiment brawled with the employees of John Gray’s ropewalk.

  3. the riot of 5 march 1770, to which samuel adams and history have affixed the inaccurate title of “the boston massacre,” climaxed a season of partisanship, violence, and general testing of the legal process, many incidents of which found their way into john adams' legal practice and papers. 1 it is not necessary to attempt to unravel the cloak of …

  4. a) the Spaniards believed Indians to be inferior so their demise was no great loss b) the Spaniards realized the value of germ warfare and used it in the future c) the deaths created a labor shortage that led to the purchase of African slaves d) the Spanish exhausted all natural resources in the areas they had colonized

  5. In colonial American, Boston was a hotbed of dissent and radicalism. A series of taxes levied by the British were the source of tension: the Stamp Act, the Townshend Revenue Act, the Sugar Act, and the Tea Act. The colonists thought them unjust, while the Brits thought them warranted to pay off debts incurred defending the colonies.

  6. In 1816, the Park Street Church joined the Old South Church and formed the City Mission Society, which served Boston’s poor. The church was the site of many firsts, including the nation’s first Sunday School in 1818, first prison aid in 1824, and William Lloyd Garrison’s first public statement against slavery in 1829.

  7. A lesser-known member of the Maverick family was the young Samuel Maverick (1753–1770) of Boston, one of the five victims of the Boston Massacre. As Boston recently commemorated the two-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of this event, it gave me a chance to research the genealogy of my distant kinsman. Also of note was Samuel’s brother-in ...

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