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      • This sort of pilgrimage was an ascetic religious practice, as the pilgrim left the security of home and the clan for an unknown destination, trusting completely in Divine Providence. These travels often resulted in the founding of new abbeys and the spread of Christianity among the pagan population in Britain and in continental Europe. Contents
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    Dec 02, 2009 · A scouting party was sent out, and in late December the group landed at Plymouth Harbor, where they would form the first permanent settlement of Europeans in New England. These original settlers of...

  3. May 21, 2018 · Higgison describes the first voyage of Pilgrims as “Some of the youngest and strongest that freely offered themselves.” (Higgison, 56). When you envision the Pilgrims being hard working, strong and willing to settle in new place, it becomes more realistic to believe they had mapped out where they wanted to go.

  4. The city of Rome became another major destination for pilgrims. Easier of access for European pilgrims than the Holy Land, Rome had also been the home of many saintly martyrs, including the apostles Peter and Paul, and the places where they were buried attracted pious travelers from a very early date.

  5. But you don’t have to be religious to appreciate the opportunities a pilgrimage provides; history, hiking, sweeping views of unspoiled nature as well as ancient cityscapes, and a sense of camaraderie with passing pilgrims. Whatever your reason for setting out on a pilgrimage, here are the best European routes to follow. Pilgrim’s Way, England

    • Pilgrim’s Way, England
      Pilgrim’s Way, England
    • Madonna del Ghisallo, Italy
      Madonna del Ghisallo, Italy
    • Glastonbury Tor to Stonehenge, England
      Glastonbury Tor to Stonehenge, England
  6. Briefly describe the impact pilgrimage routes had on Romanesque Europe. These routes provided increased funding via the pilgrims to the monasteries and churches that held the venerated relics of saints. It proclaimed the pilgrim's faith in the power of saints and the hope for their special favour.

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