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    Dec 02, 2009 · The Pilgrims knew if something wasn’t done quickly it could be every man, woman and family for themselves. While still on board the ship, a group of 41 men signed the so-called Mayflower Compact,...

  2. Nov 13, 2020 · “They were meant to send back fur, timber and fish, and on a couple of occasions the ships sent back either sank or were captured by pirates, so the investors never saw the benefits.”

  3. May 21, 2018 · The Pilgrims in fact stumbled upon Plymouth Rock after their month long search, as Emma Willard says in her book History of the United States, “The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth finding good harbor, springs abundant and land for tillage, they decided to settle here and name it after the last place they left in England” (Willard, 36).

  4. The Pilgrims sailed through a long and perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean, many fell victim to sea sickness and the ship continuously faced severe storms. Due to bad weather and poor wind conditions, they docked near Cape Cod on 11th November, 1620 after 66 days at sea.

  5. Oct 08, 2020 · The Mayflower was a merchant ship that usually carried goods such as wine, but its most famous cargo was the group of pilgrims destined to settle in Plymouth. The ship first set sail in August 1620 alongside another merchant ship called the Speedwell. After the Speedwell sprouted a leak, both ships returned to port, and all passengers crammed ...

  6. Nov 24, 2021 · The roots of our constitutional republic may be traced to the sacrifice of the Pilgrims aboard that ship and the 51 who survived the treacherous first winter in Plymouth, Mass., after they came ashore on November 11, 1620 – 400 years ago. The Significance of 400 Years. In the Bible, it appears that 400 years bears some significance.

  7. Nov 22, 2021 · 32) A Day of Thanksgiving. These are the four reasons Bradford wrote by his own hand to explain why the Pilgrims decided to leave Holland for America. Looking to the future as they grew older in a hard land and with concern for the continuation of their group and an opportunity for bringing the gospel and advancing the kingdom of Christ in a ...

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