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  1. Gangs of New York: The History That Inspired the Movie ...

    Jul 21, 2020 · A brief look at the history of the gangs of New York that inspired the amazing film by Martin Scorsese. This article will detail the real historical events, attitudes, and figures that played a huge role in both history and the film.

  2. Gangs of New York – Themes in American History

    The main theme of Gangs of New York revolves around rage and vengeance. Watching his father right in front of his eyes, Amsterdam Vallon seeks revenge against Bill the Butcher, the murderer of his father. After sixteen years pass, no … Continue reading →


    Feb 24, 2003 · When the Civil War riots, depicted in Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York,” exploded 150 years ago, black New Yorkers caught the brunt of it. For four days in July 1863, a group …

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  4. How Historically Accurate is the movie Gangs of New York ...
    • The Plot
    • The Five Points
    • The Violence and The Gangs
    • The Fictionalization of Characters
    • New York City Draft Riots 1863
    • How Accurate Is The Movie
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    The movie starts with Bill the Butcher killing the leader of an Irish gang named Priest Vallon played by Liam Nesson in the 1850s. The 'Priest' s son Amsterdam Vallon returns to the Five-Points, and plots revenge against Bill the Butcher for killing his father, during the American Civil War. Di Caprio’s character successfully ingratiates himself into Bill's mob, but he does not reveal his true identity. The movie's plot is driven by both his desire to kill Bill and his growing admiration for...

    The Scorsese movie is one that has a definite sense of place, and the director sought to bring the Five Points neighborhood of the 1860s to life. There was a lavish amount of money spent to make sure that the motion picture was as realistic as possible and that viewers had a sense of what it was like to live in a 19th-century urban slum. The Five Points neighborhood was a real-life area. It was the most notorious slum in New York, and it was crime-ridden and a center of prostitution in the ci...

    Gangs of New York is a compromisingly violent movie, and it is typical of Scorsese’s oeuvre. Many commentators likened it to modern gangster movies. The motion picture focuses on the recurring fights and battles between the native gangs led by Bill the Butcher and the Irish gangs. At the start of the film, Bill the Butcher and his mob engage in a pitched street battle with the Irish gang led by the Priest Vallon. The gangs are shown to be armed with weapons such as swords and axes. In other v...

    In the 1860s, there were many well-known and influential gang leaders in New York. Indeed, history offers many infamous and colorful characters that could have been used by the makers of the Gangs of New York. However, by and large, the characters are all fictional. Bill the Butcher was not a real figure, but he was probably based on William Poole an infamous gang leader from the 1840s. Like Bill, he was virulently anti-Catholic and disliked immigrants but he was murdered before the start of...

    The climax of the movie is a vicious fight between Amsterdam and Bill the Butcher. This takes place during a riot by mainly Irish residents against the draft. The riot was a historical event, and it was one of the worst outbreaks of public disorder in the history of New York City. The New York City Draft Riots of 1863 were a violent expression of growing discontent among the poor and the working class. The economy of New York had suffered greatly during the war and unemployment was high and w...

    However, there are many exaggerations and inaccuracies. These include overstating the violence that took place at the time in the Five Points. The nature of the gangs and their motivations is not portrayed particularly accurately. Additionally, all of the characters and gangs in the movie are all fictional. The most serious inaccuracy is the distortion of the Draft Riots of 1863. Hopefully, someone makes a movie that does accurately portray these riots. On this basis, it could be said that th...

    Bruce W. Dearstyne, The Spirit of New York: Defining Events in the Empire State's History (Albany: Excelsior Editions, 2015)Herbert Asbury, The Gangs of New York (New York, Garden City, 1928)Barnett Schecter, The Devil's Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America (New York, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2005)

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  6. TheSophomoreCritic: What was the theme of Gangs of New York?

    Jun 18, 2008 · What was the theme of Gangs of New York? I just saw Gangs of New York from start to finish for the very first time. The film, dating from the holiday season of 2002 is best known as the first of Martin Scorsesee's three grandiose efforts to come up with something masterpiece-ish so he could nab himself an Oscar so he can safely retire into the ...

  7. ‘The Gangs of New York’: the Mean Streets in History ...

    Abstract. In “Gangs of New York” Martin Scorcese reimposes his familiar vision of gritty New York on the nineteenth century. The director documents vividly the nativist prejudices that divided the city, even as he exaggerates in melodramatic form the violence of the era which culminated in the New York draft riot.

  8. The Real Gangs of New York – 5-Minute History

    Aug 09, 2017 · Based on Herbert Asbury’s 1927 book, Martin Scorcese’s 2002 movie “Gangs of New York” received a host of awards and was generally praised for its historical accuracy, including the names of the original gangs of the Five Points—the Bowery Boys, the Dead Rabbits, the Plug Uglies, the Short Tails, the Slaughter Houses, the Swamp Angels.

  9. Gangs of New York - Wikipedia

    Gangs of New York is a 2002 American epic period crime drama film that was directed by Martin Scorsese, set in the New York City slums, and inspired by Herbert Asbury's 1927 nonfiction book The Gangs of New York. The screenplay was written by Jay Cocks, Steven Zaillian, and Kenneth Lonergan.

  10. Dec 11, 2019 · From Gangs of New York to The Godfather to The Warriors and beyond, almost every era of New York City gang life has gotten the silver screen treatment and cemented its place in the American imagination. In fact, surely no other city in the U.S. has a history more infamous for its organized bands of outlaws, marauders, killers, and thieves.

  11. The Five Points Gangs That Ruled 19th Century New York

    Nov 30, 2017 · After this look at the Bowery Boys and the rest of the Five Points gangs that ruled 19th-century New York, read up on the nearby Bloody Angle, perhaps the deadliest street in American history. Then, see the legendary Weegee's photos of New York's Prohibition-era gang wars.