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    Did William Sidis score the highest IQ of all time?

    Is William Sidis more intelligent than Einstein?

    What is William James Sidis IQ score?

    What was William James Sidis IQ, 250-300?

  2. What Was William James Sidis IQ, 250-300? | Neuroscientia › 2017 › 06

    William James Sidis IQ was estimated to be around 250 - 300 IQ because of his high degree of prodigy, prolific, and psychological achievements begining at a very tender age. When the names of abnormally high IQ geniuses strikes the mind, William James Sidis, should pop into our mind.

  3. William James Sidis - Wikipedia › wiki › Willy_Sidis

    William James Sidis (/ ˈ s aɪ d ɪ s /; April 1, 1898 – July 17, 1944) was an American child prodigy with exceptional mathematical and linguistic skills. He is notable for his 1920 book The Animate and the Inanimate, in which he speculates about the origin of life in the context of thermodynamics.

    • John W. Shattuck, Frank Folupa, Parker Greene, Jacob Marmor
    • April 1, 1898, Manhattan, New York City, U.S.
  4. What is the IQ of William James sidis? - Answers › Q › What_is_the_IQ_of_William

    His father, Boris Sidis, Ph.D., M.D., also a genious and a psychologist, physician, psychiatrist, and an early Freud disciple, did not believed in IQ tests. After a deep study on William James ...

  5. Apparently William James Sidis, the man with the highest IQ recorded, was an INTP. He went into isolation as a young adult, and died alone in his 40's after a stroke, with no one to call an ambulance because he lived alone.

  6. The Rise and Fall of William J. Sidis • Damn Interesting › the-rise-and-fall-of

    The 250-300 IQ claim may have begun as an exaggeration by Helena Sidis, William’s sister. “The Prodigy” stated that Abraham Sperling personally gave William Sidis the IQ test, but Sperling stated in his own writing “The Story of Genius” that Helena told him a psychiatrist had given William the test and that the psychiatrist estimated the IQ to be about 250-300.

  7. 8+ Interesting James Sidis Facts to Learn and Excel in Exams › james-sidis-facts

    James Sidis facts. While investigating facts about James Sidis Iq and James Sidis Books, I found out little known, but curios details like:. William James Sidis, a child prodigy who able to read the New York Times by the age of two, got into Harvard aged 12, and had an IQ of 250-300.

  8. The world's highest IQ Person: William James Sidis IQ of 300 ... › the-worlds-highest-iq-person

    IQ is our judge whether a person is the most intelligent and intuitive standard, normal IQ usually between 85-115. And some child prodigy, a genius IQ...

  9. WHAT IS WILLIAM JAMES SIDIS IQ SCORE? 5 THINGS YOU MAY WANT ... › pin › 428123508326236843

    Feb 10, 2019 - William James Sidis IQ score is estimated at 250 – 300, which is considered as a super genius and in top 0.1% of the population in the world.

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