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  2. The Rise and Fall of William J. Sidis • Damn Interesting › the-rise-and-fall-of

    Nov 07, 2006 · The 250-300 IQ claim may have begun as an exaggeration by Helena Sidis, William’s sister. “The Prodigy” stated that Abraham Sperling personally gave William Sidis the IQ test, but Sperling stated in his own writing “The Story of Genius” that Helena told him a psychiatrist had given William the test and that the psychiatrist estimated the IQ to be about 250-300.

    • Stephen Hawking (IQ Level- 160) After a disease paralyzing him, he used his extra ordinary IQ which left no room of doubt to his intelligence. Because of his remarkable contributions to science, Hawking has been awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 which is regarded as the highest that can be confer to an American civilian.After a disease paralyzing him, he used his extra ordinary IQ which left no room of doubt to his intelligence.
    • Albert Einstein (IQ Level- 160 – 190) Speaking of ‘symbols of knowledge’, the name of this scientist is actually synonymous with genius. It cannot be denied that he shaped the future of science.
    • Judit Polgar (IQ Level- 170) Chess Grandmasters rarely aren’t geniuses, and by rarely, I mean never. Judit Polgar became the youngest one at the age of 15 and still proudly holds that record.
    • Leonardo Da Vinci (IQ Level- 180 – 190) He is an Italian painter with a IQ level between 180 to 190. He was an polymath who worked in the fields of mathematics, engineering, anatomy, geology, botany, architecture, sculpting, painting, music, and literature.
  3. What would a person with the highest IQ ever be capable of ... › What-would-a-person-with-the

    They would be able to draw maps of the New York City subway system. That's what William James Sidis (1898–1944) ended up doing with his life. Sidis’s IQ is estimated to have been between 250–300, fifty to one hundred points higher than Albert Einstein’s. 1.3K views.

  4. William james sidis todesursache, william james sidis (* 1 › der-intelligenteste-mensch

    TIL William James Sidis had an IQ that was believed to be between 250 and 300. At eighteen months old he could read The New York Times, at two he taught himself Latin, at three he learned Greek. By the time he was an adult he could speak more than forty languages and dialects. Close . 929. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Archived.

  5. The Prodigy - William James Sidis Book Review › williamsidisprodigybookreview

    The World's Smartest Man?, Intelligence Versus IQ, The Mind of Prodigies, and Myths, Facts, Lies, and Humor About William James Sidis - Part 1. The reader should be aware from the first that it is impossible for anyone to know the heart and mind of William Sidis or anyone else except for one's own self.

  6. A Quantonics Review of 'William James Sidis, The Broken Twig ... › Review_of_WJS_The_Broken_Twig

    A Review of Kathleen Montour's William James Sidis, The Broken Twig a Research Paper Prepared during her tenure at Johns Hopkins University for American Psychologist April, 1977 Issue Pages 265-279 by Doug Renselle.

  7. A Review of Sam Rosenberg's The Come as You Are Masquerade ... › Sam_Rosenberg_on_WJS

    Rosenberg's own genius compares William James Sidis to one celebrated American writer: Herman Melville. Melville's story Bartleby the Scrivener (1853), is about a clerk who would only copy law briefs at four cents per sheet.

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    Apr 20, 2017 · William James Sidis (IQ Level – 250-300) This man simply plays in an altogether different league. Born in 1898 in New York City, and raised in a family of intellectuals, he was gifted from the very beginning.

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