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    • Constantine I | Biography, Accomplishments, Death, & Facts ...
      • Constantine was also responsible for a series of important secular reforms that ranged from reorganizing the Roman Empire’s currency system to restructuring Rome’s armed forces. His crowning achievement was his dedication of Constantinople as his new imperial capital in 330. Read more about the Edict of Milan.
  1. Apr 08, 2020 · One of Constantine's greatest accomplishments as ruler was his acceptance of Christianity both as on an individual and on a national level. His own devotion to the religion came during the civil wars. Before the Battle of Milvian Bridge, he had a vision telling him to fight in the name of Christ.

  2. Constantine effectively ended the Tetrarchy system created by Diocletian and made the “Roman Empire Great Again”. Kidding. But he reunited East and West in a time when it was already known that a single administrative bureaucracy couldn’t handle the whole thing.

  3. Learn more about this topic: Because he was the first Roman Emperor to convert from traditional Greco-Roman religion to Christianity, Constantine's rule marked a turning point in history. Learn ...

  4. What were some of Constantine's accomplishments and contributions to the Roman empire? Moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Constantinople, Passed the Edict of Milan, and called together the council of Nicaea

  5. Before a crucial battle, he saw a vision of a Christian cross inscribed "In this sign you will conquer." Having won the battle, he was convinced of the power of the Christian God. He issued the famous Edict of Milan, officially tolerating the existence of Christianity.

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