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  1. Jul 16, 2015 · In his 31 years of ruling managed to maintain the full size of the Roman Empire and defeated successfuly his enemies and his competitors for the throne of the Empire. He was the first Roman ...

  2. In the following year, Constantine was declared the emperor by his troops after his father died a year later at York, then Eboracum. During his reign, he introduced a series of changes in the Roman Empire, which are later addressed in this paper, which forever changed humankind's history.

  3. Mar 01, 2019 · Constantine’s behavior is inexcusable by any standards and casts a blot on his reputation. Being an absolute autocrat, he believed that he could kill anyone. (Grant 2009, 109) Not long after Constantine’s dynasty was underway, he lost the ability to enjoy his accomplishments, as he was soon all too aware of the dangers that surrounded him.

  4. Dec 15, 2014 · One of the accomplishments of Constantine the Great was to become the sole Roman Emperor. Initially he was a co-emperor in charge of Britannia, Gaul and Hispania. He became sole emperor by winning...

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  6. Constantine's achievements as emperor included building projects, administrative reform, financial restructuring, and military reorganization.

  7. First Council of Nicaea. Arianism, the nature of Christ, celebration of Passover, ordination of eunuchs, prohibition of kneeling on Sundays and from Easter to Pentecost, validity of baptism by heretics, lapsed Christians, sundry other matters. The First Council of Nicaea ( / naɪˈsiːə /; Ancient Greek: Νίκαια [ˈnikεa]) was a council ...

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