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  1. Nietzsche’s Key Ideas Simplified | Ministry of Culture › 2009/11/24 › nietzsches-key

    Nov 24, 2009 · Nietzsche’s Key Ideas Simplified. The Death of God: “God is dead”. “There are nofacts only interpretations”. “What is truth? A mobile army of metaphors and anthropomorphisms”. Nietzsche was not the first to proclaim the death of god. It was a statement made by Hegel in his earlier less reputable writings as well as by Martin Luth.

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    Here are the main things that Nietzsche has given me: Philosophy with a hammer: the idea that philosophy is not about building big, ornate Hegelian systems, but in fact... God is dead: Not that God used to be alive, and we killed him, literally. Rather, that in society when someone’s horse...

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    Sep 22, 2015 · Now, it is historically true that many of Nietzsche’s key concepts were taken by Hitler and the Nazis and twisted to suit their own fascist ends. Admittedly, Nietzsche was so cryptic and all over the map, that it is easy to see how one could take his teaching to justify atrocities and mass killing.

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    Nietzsche's affinity for the older parts of the Hebrew Bible therefore may have more to do with him wanting to turn his philosophy of religion into a complete inversion of the pessimism and idealism of Schopenhauer (and Wagner; both favoured the New Testament), than with an in-depth philosophical engagement with the biblical texts themselves.On the positive side, Nietzsche's praise of the Hebrew Bible provided a much needed corrective to the supersessionist Christian philosophy of religion ...

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  6. Key Concepts of the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche - HubPages › education › Key-Concepts-of

    Sep 30, 2011 · Nietzsche’s work is concerned with nihilism and is in opposition against it. One of the things that often is missed about Nietzsche is that as a child he was very religious. He knew so much about the bible and about theology that he was called “the little preacher” because he was more knowledgeable than most adults.

  7. Mar 10, 2020 · In Nietzsche’s paraphrase, “Everyone is the child of God…and as a child of God everyone is equal to everyone.” There could scarcely be a more pernicious lie than this, he argues. If no one is worse than anyone else, then no one is better — no one can get better. This is counter to the whole thrust of life and evolution, which is toward the greater, the higher, the more refined, the nobler.

  8. Satanic Meditations on Nietzsche – A Satanist Reads the Bible › satanic-meditations

    May 3, 2019. by A Satanist Reads the Bible. Though the 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche did not call himself a Satanist (and likely wouldn’t have, Satanism being then associated with the Romantic, which he detested), his role as a virulent critic of religion and culture, as well as his intelligence and radical individualism, have made him an icon of Satanic thought.

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    He had much onhis conscience - he hints at hostility, murder, magic, idolatry, lewdness,drunkenness, and pleasure in dissolute carousing- and...moments came when he said to himself:"It is all in vain; thetorture of the unfulfilled law cannot be overcome."...

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    Nietzsche's growing prominence suffered a severe setback when his works became closely associated with Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Many political leaders of the twentieth century were at least superficially familiar with Nietzsche's ideas, although it is not always possible to determine whether they actually read his work.

  11. What Would Nietzsche Think of 21st Century Society? › 2020 › 03

    Mar 18, 2020 · The masses, he thought, would always need an idol to worship, a “shadow of god” to which they can bow. “God is dead, but given the way of men, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will still be shown.”. Nietzsche, The Gay Science.

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