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  1. Mask - Gods and Deities - Thieves Guild

    The priesthood of Mask is independent in each major city or region to prevent the frequent actions against one thieves guild or temple from spilling over and affecting others. The church of Mask is widely feared—not so much for its supposed cruelty, but for its penchant for thievery and stalking the shadows.

  2. Why a priest should wear his Roman Collar

    And, of course, the obligation to wear clerical clothing ceases during times of violent persecution. During such a crisis, the guidance of the bishops should be followed. It is incorrect to say that a priest who refuses to wear his collar is a bad priest. We are afraid that some of our brother priests have simply slipped into a bad habit.

  3. What Masks Do You Wear? Sermon by Warren Curry, Hebrews 4:13 ...

    Jun 16, 2005 · What Masks Do You Wear? Hebrews 4:13. The Bible is full of religious festivals and celebrations. They’re even authorized by God to have them. And the Jewish people were very serious about following the rules of having such festivals. The Jews were given many feast days in which to recognize. There are many in the Bible, and here are a couple:

  4. An Orthodox Christian MD Makes Sense of Faith and Masks ...

    Aug 06, 2020 · Healthcare workers should and do wear masks in a healthcare setting. As a physician, I do wear a mask inside my clinic when I am seeing patients, inside my hospital, or inside a nursing home, but I do not wear one in the park or walking down the street or driving in my car, as I see so many others do.

  5. How 6 fashion trends came to be both banished — and beloved

    Feb 06, 2021 · That alarmed the religious clergy. “The authorities were worried about the ease of assimilation of Jews and non-Christians into Christian society, and wanted to set up sharp distinctions so that ...

  6. Employee Safety – Postal Service COVID-19 Response | USPS ...

    Today at 2:13 clerk #19 at Valmont Post Office Boulder CO 80301 was not wearing a mask. It made me feel uncomfortable. There were several elderly customers in the line. Do these people who refuse to wear masks also refuse to wear seat belts and stop at red lights? These laws and measures are for the sake of public health.

  7. Ontario Bishop Warns Priests of ‘Prosecution’ if They Don't ...

    An Ontario bishop warned priests in his diocese that they may face 'prosecution' along with the closure of their churches unless they strictly follow his COVID-19 protocols that include banning people who don’t wear masks from entering a church and forcing the faithful to receive Holy Communion on their 'bare hand.'

  8. Priests in the Middle Ages - The Finer Times

    May 29, 2012 · In the middle ages, the clergy and the Church in general were very influential. The kings and local lords appointed members of the clergy including the bishops and priests, and in return, the clergy would play a great role in establishing the rules of the land.

  9. Religious Discrimination - Workplace Fairness

    Employees who failed to comply with the policy for religious or other reasons were required to wear a face mask or they were placed on unpaid leave, without job protection, until they complied with the policy or the flu season ended, the EEOC asserts.

  10. Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make ...

    When to wear a face covering. There are some places where you must wear a face covering by law, unless you are exempt or have a reasonable excuse (see When you do not need to wear a face covering ...

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