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  1. Diseases and epidemics of the 19th century included long-standing epidemic threats such as smallpox, typhus, yellow fever, and scarlet fever. In addition, cholera emerged as an epidemic threat and spread worldwide in six pandemics in the nineteenth century. Medical responses Medicine in the 19th century

  2. Tuberculosis was less common than it was to become. Cancer, though hard to recognize from contemporary accounts, was certainly rare: with relatively little smoking and with so many other diseases competing for the vulnerable body, that is not surprising. There were few illnesses, mental or physical, of the kind today caused by stress.

  3. Feb 20, 2021 · This essay explores the amazing phenomenon that in Europe since ca. 1700 most diseases have shown a pattern of 'rise-and-fall'. It argues that the rise of so many diseases indicates that their ultimate cause is not to be sought within the body, but in the interaction between humans and their environment.

    • Johan P. Mackenbach
    • 2021
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  5. Page: (seq. 1). From the Andover-Harvard Theological Library. Causes of Cholera For much of the century, most European and American physicians believed cholera was a locally produced miasmatic disease —an illness brought about by direct exposure to the products of filth and decay. Climate and geographic location were also factors.

  6. Mar 28, 2008 · Cite Summary In his study of world population published more than 50 years ago, A. M. Carr-Saunders (1936) observed that the population of western Europe had begun to increase by the early eighteenth century, if not earlier, as a result of a growing gap between births and deaths.

  7. Apr 26, 2022 · Cite Permissions Share Abstract One major legacy of the bacteriological revolution of the later nineteenth century is a simplified model of cause and effect. Looking back, this model seems entirely appropriate for a century dominated by infectious diseases.

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