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    1988 was a crucial year in the early history of the Internet —it was the year of the first well-known computer virus, the 1988 Internet worm. The first permanent intercontinental Internet link was made between the United States (NSFNET) and Europe (Nordunet) as well as the first Internet-based chat protocol, Internet Relay Chat.

  2. Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web ... › 20727-internet-history

    Jun 27, 2017 · 1998: The Google search engine is born, changing the way users engage with the Internet. 1998: The Internet Protocol version 6 introduced, to allow for future growth of Internet Addresses. The ...

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  4. The Morris Worm — FBI › news › stories

    Nov 02, 2018 · 30 Years Since First Major Attack on the Internet At around 8:30 p.m. on November 2, 1988, a maliciously clever program was unleashed on the Internet from a computer at the Massachusetts Institute...

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    Nov 15, 2009 · 1998: Internet-based file-sharing gets its roots. In 1998 as well, Napster launched, opening up the gates to mainstream file-sharing of audio files over the internet. 1999: SETI@home project. 1999 is the year when one of the more interesting projects ever brought online: the SETI@home project, launched. The project has created the equivalent of ...

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    The Internet's takeover of the global communication landscape was rapid in historical terms: it only communicated 1% of the information flowing through two-way telecommunications networks in the year 1993, 51% by 2000, and more than 97% of the telecommunicated information by 2007.

  7. How Newspapers Wrote About the Internet in 1988 › how-newspapers-wrote

    That's Harvard astronomer-turned-computer expert Clifford Stoll, quoted in the November 20, 1988 edition of the Washington Post.And yes, that's the same Cliff Stoll who just a few years later would proclaim that the internet's potential to transform the way we live was largely just a bunch of hype.

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    By the beginning of the year, more than 200 computers in dozens of institutions have been connected in CSNET. BITNET, another startup network, is based on protocols that include file transfer via e-mail rather than by the FTP procedure of the ARPA protocols.

  9. 1988 | Timeline of Computer History | Computer History Museum › timeline › 1988

    23 year old Robert T. Morris, the son of a computer security expert for the National Security Agency, sends a nondestructive worm through the Internet causing major problems for days for about 6,000 of the 60,000 hosts linked to the network. The result is widespread outages.

  10. The Internet in the 1980s › ~humphrys › net

    See post in May 1988, which also mentions Peter Flynn. Arpanet-style addressing on Heanet: *.ie A document I have says this came in on 1st Feb 1988. Definitely in use by Feb 1989. Kieran Carrick says IRLEARN was the first machine to use a .ie address. Its "Internet" address co-existed

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