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  1. 1992 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia › wiki › 1992_Summer_Olympics

    The 1992 Summer Olympics notably marked Germany competing as a unified team for the first time since 1964, while South Africa returned to the Games for the first time in 32 years. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was banned due to UN sanctions, but individual Yugoslav athletes were allowed to take part as Independent Olympic Participants .

    • 257 in 25 sports (34 disciplines)
    • Friends For Life, (Spanish: Amigos Para Siempre, Catalan: Amics Per Sempre)
  2. Olympics on United States television - Wikipedia › wiki › Olympics_on_United_States

    All US hockey games in Winter Olympics since 1988 have been shown live, and since 1992, in full.) The relay race in 1984 in which Carl Lewis won his fourth gold medal. In 1996, much of the Artistic Gymnastics competition at the Atlanta Olympics was held in the afternoon, and was shown by NBC three to four hours after the competition ended.

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  4. 1992 Winter Olympics - Wikipedia › wiki › 1992_Winter_Olympics

    The 1992 Olympic Winter Games marked the last time both the Winter and Summer games were held in the same year. The 1992 Olympics also marked the last time France hosted the Olympics. The games are scheduled to return to France in 2024 when Paris is set to become the second city to host the Summer Olympics three times.

    • Savoie en Fête, (English: Party in Savoie)
    • Albertville, France
  5. Olympic Games - Wikipedia › wiki › Olympic_Games

    Since the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, the Olympics have been held in Asia or Oceania four times, a sharp increase compared to the previous 92 years of modern Olympic history. The 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro were the first Olympics for a South American country.

  6. 1988 - Wikipedia › wiki › 1988

    1988 was a crucial year in the early history of the Internet—it was the year of the first well-known computer virus, the 1988 Internet worm.The first permanent intercontinental Internet link was made between the United States and Europe (Nordunet) as well as the first Internet-based chat protocol, Internet Relay Chat.

  7. Albertville 1992 Olympic Winter Games | Britannica › event › Albertville-1992

    The 1992 Games are noted for not only a change in the modern Olympics but a change in the world as well. It was the last time that the Summer and Winter Games would be held in the same year; the next winter competition was scheduled for 1994, while the summer events were slated for 1996.

  8. Weird History presents Timeline and the year 1988. In 1988, we would see one of the largest oil spills ever with the Exxon Valdez, the undisputed heavyweight...

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  9. How Much things cost in 1988 Yearly Inflation Rate USA4.08% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 2168 Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 10.50% Average Cost of new house $91,600 Median Price Of and Existing Home $90,600 Average Income per year $24,450.00 Average Monthly Rent $420.00 Average Price for new car $10,400.00

  10. Jamaica at the 1988 Winter Olympics - Wikipedia › wiki › Jamaica_at_the_1988_Winter

    All of the team members returned for the 1992 Winter Olympics, however Harris only competed in the two-man event, with his place in the four-man team taken by newcomer Ricky McIntosh. Harris and the Stokes brothers would continue to compete at the Winter Games in the bobsleigh events until the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano .

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