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  1. The bridge excitation is usually an applied, stabilized direct, or alternating voltage V s.If a supply voltage V s is applied to the bridge supply points 2 and 3, then the supply voltage is divided up in the two halves of the bridge R 1, R 2 and R 4, R 3 as a ratio of the corresponding bridge resistances, i.e., each half of the bridge forms a voltage divider.

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  3. The Wien bridge oscillator is also called as a Wheatstone bridge circuit. Wein Bridge Oscillator Circuit. The Wien bridge oscillator is used to find unknown values of components. In most of the cases this oscillator is used in the audios.

  4. Disadvantages of Anderson Bridge. The main disadvantages of Anderson’s bridge are as follow. The circuit has more arms which make it more complex as compared to Maxwell’s bridge. The equation of the bridge is also more complex. The bridge has an additional junction which arises the difficulty in shielding the bridge.

  5. A Carey foster bridge is principally same as a meter bridge, which consists of four resistances P, Q, R and X that are connected to each other as shown in figure 1. Figure 1: Wheatstone's bridge In this circuit G is the galvanometer and E is a lead accumulator and K 1and K are the galvanometer key and accumulator key respectively.

  6. Feb 24, 2012 · A Maxwell Inductance Capacitance Bridge (known as a Maxwell Bridge) is a modified version of a Wheatstone bridge which is used to measure the self-inductance of a circuit. A Maxwell bridge uses the null deflection method (also known as the “bridge method”) to calculate an unknown inductance in a circuit.

  7. A metre bridge, also known as a slide wire bridge, is an instrument that works on the principle of Wheatstone bridge. It is used to determine the unknown resistance of a conductor. Below is an experiment on how to find the resistance of a given wire using a metre bridge and to determine the resistivity of its material.

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