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    • 6.9L IDI Engine: 1982-1987. It all began in 1982 when Ford released its first diesel engines designed for the general public. With a displacement of 6.9L, the naturally-aspirated powerplant churned out 170 hp and 315 lb.-
    • 7.3L IDI Engine: 1987-1993. 1987 ushered in what’s considered to be the best Ford diesel engine ever — the 7.3L. When building the new engine, Ford kept the same stroke as the 6.9L but increased the bore.
    • 7.3L IDIT Engine: 1993-1994. Finally, in 1993, the 7.3L engine got its long-awaited turbocharger. The internals of the engine were upgraded to handle the boost pressure created by the turbo.
    • 7.3L DIT Power Stroke: 1994.5-1997. Ford introduced its first Power Stroke engine in late 1994, setting the benchmark for light-duty diesel truck engines.
  1. 1953 – Ford Motor Company celebrated its Golden Anniversary in 1953 by introducing a totally redesigned line of F-Series trucks. It was the first redesign of the truck since 1948. 1953 trucks received a longer hood that flowed into the front fenders, along with horizontal grille bars. Cabs were also new, boasting more glass area.

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  3. 1946-1947 Ford Trucks. (1946 one-ton Ford truck, which was now referred to by the factory as a “Tonner”) (1946 Ford Pickup) This 1946 1/2-ton pickup, now called a “Half-Ton” by Ford, is also tire-less due to post-war rubber shortages. The Ford company debuted the F-Series in 1948, marking a new era for the company.

  4. 2023 Ford Medium Duty trucks are designed to get your work done as efficiently as possible. Features like the live-drive power takeoff provision (standard on diesel models) with mobile mode* and the variety of convenient and easy upfits available on F-650 and F-750 trucks make it a versatile work truck built ready to meet your needs.

  5. WESTERN HAULER - FORD TRUCKS. Phone 800-776-6012 or 817-332-1121 Fax 817-334-0803. 2420 White Settlement Road Fort Worth, Texas 76107.

  6. May 20, 2022 · For Sale Price: USD $69,900. 2019 International CV 515 Cab And Chassis, Crew Cab, 350HP 6.6L Diesel, Automatic Transmission, Interchangeable Gosse Neck And 5th Wheel Hitch's, Receiver Hitch, 103,770 Miles, Local One Owner Texa...