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    • When did Garmisch Partenkirchen become a resort?

      • US forces also took over use of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen golf course. Several exclusive hotels, such as the former Haus Florian in Partenkirchen, became guest houses for general officers. In late 1945, the former officers' club on Osterfelderstrafie became the Bavarian Retreat Enlisted Men's Club.
  1. With the formal end of the US occupation of Germany, USAREUR began returning the hotels used by the Garmisch Recreation Area to private ownership. As late as June 1952, the Garmisch Recreation Area still included 12 hotels in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Grainau, and on both the Kreuzeck and Zugspitz, as well as the golf course and numerous ski slopes.

  2. ABOVE PHOTO from the booklet shows the Zugspitze Ski Area with lift. Although the booklet is from 1961, Garmisch changed very little during the three decades of 1960-1990. Return to Top

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    When did Garmisch Partenkirchen become a resort?

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  4. In May of 1945, the 10th Armored Division moved into Garmisch and shortly thereafter, the Garmisch Military Post and the Garmisch Recreation Area (now Edelweiss Lodge and Resort) were established. The military history of this area is very interesting and involved and needs far more detail than is allowed here to fully encompass it all.

  5. Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a favoured holiday spot for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, having some of the best skiing areas ( Garmisch Classic and Zugspitze) in Germany. It was the site of the 1936 Winter Olympics, the first to feature alpine skiing.

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  7. The only recreation area operated by the military is in Garmisch. I greatly enjoy visiting the US Army Germany web site. Keep up the good work. Besides the information above, Jerry also submitted photos of the Berchtesgadener Hof Hotel, the General McNair Hotel, Hotel Bellevue and the Hotel Deutsches Haus, all from the early 1950s.

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