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    • Seven Early Settlers
    • 1717 – The Meeting House That Became A Church
    • 1732 The Secret Is Out
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    1720 – James Alexander – Ireland

    James Alexander, father of William Alexander (Lord Stirling) was a large landowner and had to deal with “squatters” on his land. James Pitney was noted as being on James’ land when he first arrived in the area. Research shows Cornelius Brees from Staten Island, bought land in 1720 from James Alexander on the East side of the Dead River which had been occupied by James Pitney. John Ayres son Obadiah also bought land from Alexander. Harrison must have died, and the property passed through Holli...

    1720 – Cornelius Brees (Breese) – Staten Island, NY

    About 1720, Cornelius Brees, of Staten Island, bought land land from James Alexander, ” on the east side of the north branch of Dead River, at the southwest corner of the Parker and Alexander’s area. It appears that James Pitney remained in this vicinity and became a freeholder, notwithstanding his first home was sold from under him to Brees since he was one of the trustees to whom the church lot was deeded in 1731. So Pitney was actually a squatter on the land Brees purchased. Three members...

    1722 – James Pitney – New Brunswick, NJ

    James Pitney lived in New Brunswick, NJ prior to 1722, then moved Basking Ridge, NJ. He was a member of the First Company Militia Regiment in 1715. His will was dated April 13, 1750 and lists his wife, Susannah, and son Jonathan. Records indicate the Pitney’s settled in the Liberty Corner section of Bernards Township. James and his wife Susannah had three children: James Pitney, b. 1722, Liberty Corner,Somerset Co. and Benjamin Pitney, b. 1726, Liberty Corner. A third, Shubael Pitney, b. appr...

    In Baskingridge, some Scotch Presbyterian families, who had settled there were worshipping in a log meeting house which they had erected a year or two previously.” The church can make a case for having been founded in 1716, but settled on 1717. The Basking Ridge congregation was recognized by the first Presbytery in the U.S located in Philadelphia in 1729. The Trustees of the Presbyterian Congregation included James Pitney, Henry Rolfe (Newbury, MA) Mordecai McKeene, George Pack, Samuel Rolfe (Henry’s son), Daniel Morris, Thomas Riggs, and Obadiah Ayres (John’s son). That log cabin structure lasted until 1747 when a better structure was built. The Ayres lived in the area for over 100 years. The deed was not recorded until 1763. Building on John Ayrer’s donation, in 1728 John Budd of Philadelphia donated 100 acres to the Basking Ridge congregation (he was from Phia). for the continued use of the”meeting house”. The Presbyterian congregation of New Brunswick was later founded in 1738...

    In 1732 the area started to take hold. The names are honored as many have street names across the town including Conkling, Alward, McCollum, Dayton, Doty, Boylan, Heath, Hall, Lindsey, Rickey, Lewis, Anderson, Whitaker and Hand families landed in the Basking Ridge. William Annin landed in Liberty Corner and built his stone home about 1760. Abraham Southard migrated to Basking Ridge in 1735 migrating with his eight children from Hempstead, Long Island. His son Henry Southard was born in 1747 in Basking Ridge and lived 95 years. He had thirteen children. His son Samuel became a United States Senator.

    876 people are buried in Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church (BRPC) cemetery.
    The graveyard is one of the best-preserved in the County. The deed for it bears date Feb. 8, 1731. The oldest gravestone there is Henry Haines, who died June 9, 1736, but there must have been earli...
    208 families are buried in the graveyard.
    26 families (13% of the total families) take up 50% of the plots at BRPC.
    Did you know that Morristown was originally named West Hanover? True
    Did you know Tewksbury was originally New Germantown? True
    Basking Ridge became a local hamlet of King George II’s 1760 Charter recognizing Governor Sir Francis Bernards township officially.
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