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    From early times, the Manor of Slaidburn formed part of the ancient Lordship of Bowland, being held in demesne from the second half of the 14th century.. The Lordship of Bowland comprised a royal forest and a liberty of ten manors spanning eight townships and four parishes and covered an area of almost 300 square miles (800 km 2) on the historic borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire.

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    A human society would effectively become one individual if we could read each other’s thoughts through direct, high speed, brain-to-brain radio transmission. Something like that may eventually meld the various units that constitute the Internet.

  3. SP Charlton has become one of the busiest traffic areas due to the high volume of truck traffic and its close proximity to interstates 84, 290, 395 and 495. B-7 (Formerly E-3) , State Police Westfield is located at the 41- mile marker on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

  4. The Bell System, a.k.a. “Ma Bell” or simply “THE telephone company”, was not a "company" but rather an aggregate term for AT&T encompassing 24 Bell operating companies providing local exchange phone service, the AT&T Long Lines Division providing long distance connections, an equipment manufacturing arm known as Western Electric, and a ...

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