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  1. This set is really a must for any fan of Ridley Scott's iconic dystopian future movie, Blade Runner. The movie made in 1982 and set in 2019 involves a group of fugitive androids called Replicants, which have escaped from a space colony where they are forced to work.

  2. The cinematography is superb, and Ridley Scott’s talented touch transforms the film from being just another banal de-construction of a really good book into something becoming almost convincing. It is a cut above the rest and definitely well worth watching, especially in 3D with a proper surround sound system .

  3. Paul Young provides a helping hand when Mike gets attacked by a couple of prisoners. Bree tells Orson to "make" Alma move from Wisteria Lane but instead Alma threatens to reveal to Bree what Orson did to Monique. Bree later finds a photo of Orson and Monique and a bag full of teeth under one of Alma's floorboards. 60: 13 "Come Play Wiz Me ...