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  1. This oral history, an ongoing joint project between the IGDA’s Game Preservation SIG and Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Interactive Media and Game Design Department, began in 2007 with an interview of Ralph Baer, often touted as the father of video games. It has since

  2. Sep 25, 2014 · According to a interview with Robert Sirotek, after some years of development the project was going nowhere fast. Sir-Tech threatened to close the project, but a crackerjack programmer named Cleve Mark Blakemore stepped in and proposed a plan to save the project. In the end, it still failed and the game was canned.

  3. Romero began working in games in 1981, aged 15. The role as a tester at Sir-tech Software was her dream job, playing games around the clock so she could memorise every level and pass on tips to callers via a hotline. Spurning highly paid jobs to remain in the industry, she graduated to product development, and writing and designing games.

  4. This is the kind of family activity the Romeros enjoy, and one that bonded them together in the first place. The pair first met in 1987, fleetingly, while Brenda, then working at Sir-tech Sofware, visited Origin Systems where John was employed (Sir-Tech was showing off the latest Wizardry game, Origin was showing off the latest Ultima.)

  5. Jagged Alliance is a series of turn-based tactics video games. The first games in the series were released for DOS. From Jagged Alliance 2 on, the games were developed using DirectX for native Windows operation. Jagged Alliance 2 was also released for Linux and is available on Steam and on f

  6. Free video game "Return to Wor" v0.37, based on the classic shooter "Wizard of Wor" , with new isometric graphics and special abilities, but without the 2 player mode. Made with Game Maker 5.1 Topics: video game, Windows

  7. Mostly uninspired, with occasional plot twists that make this game OK but not really worth writing home about. Cool feature: monster visual design. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. Isometric, non-3D FRP. Cool game, after a number of bland and boring 3D games. i.e., plot is more important than flashy graphics. Re-make of an old 1992 game.

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