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  1. Maura rarely saw the youngest Rizzoli as serious as he was that night, as he usually joked around or had a "chill" demeanor, as he called it. After they had awkwardly admitted that they should remain friends instead of pursuing more, Frankie had confessed that he knew better than to go after the one that his sister loved.

  2. "Jhumpa Lahiri’s culture-laden novel The Namesake (2003) is adapted in film version through ‘inter-semiotic’ translation by Mira Nair in 2006 and later released on March 9, 2007.

  3. Cerebus (/ ˈ s ɛr ə b ə s /; also Cerebus the Aardvark) is a comic book series created by Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim, which ran from December 1977 until March 2004.The title character of the 300-issue series is an anthropomorphic aardvark who takes on a number of roles throughout the series—barbarian, prime minister, and Pope among them.

  4. In a profession so vast Paul was best known for his role of Micah Torrance in the 1958-1963 ABC Western television series, The Rifleman. Interestingly, he was the original USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Chief Medical Officer on the second pilot, " Where No Man Has Gone Before " in the 1966 - 1969 science-fiction television series , Star Trek and was ...

  5. Autoethnographers research how self interacts with culture. In what ways do a person and culture intersect and at what consequence? Autoethnographers explore these questions using their own experience to reflect on self‐other interactions and the greater cultural meaning.

  6. become superior social observers in the arts or sciences, therapists, and leaders of the highest order. The need to develop this empathy is greater than ever. Various studies have indicated a gradual increase in levels of self-absorption and narcissism in young people since the late 1970s, with a much higher spike since 2000.

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