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  1. Apr 24, 2018 · Aldus Manutius the Elder (1450-1515 CE) invented the italic typeface. ITALO-CELTIC: Together, the Italic and Celtic branches of Indo-European are called Italo-Celtic; the two groups share many general linguistic traits but are still too different to be considered a single branch.

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    By the time of the Buddha (5th–4th century BCE), it took the meaning of 'noble'. In Old Iranian languages, the Avestan term airya (Old Persian ariya) was likewise used as an ethnocultural self-designation by ancient Iranian peoples, in contrast to an an-airya ('non-Arya'). It designated those who belonged to the 'Aryan' (Iranian) ethnic stock ...

  3. Luxembourgish (/ ˈ l ʌ k s əm b ɜːr ɡ ɪ ʃ / LUK-səm-bur-gish; also Luxemburgish, Luxembourgian, Letzebu(e)rgesch; Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuergesch [ˈlətsəbuəjəʃ] ()) is a West Germanic language that is spoken mainly in Luxembourg.