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  1. The movie at this point has earned a 4.7/10 IMDb user's rating which I feel is undeservingly low. I will not try to defend the movie as a "great and timeless" movie, for it was not. However, considering a $27 million budget, the movie was very well presented.

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  4. Escape Room. Escape Room is a 2019 psychological thriller inspired by the Saw franchise starring Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, and Tyler Labine. It released on January 4, 2019. Six strangers, each the sole survivor of various horrific disasters, are invited to test their wits against an immersive escape room in downtown Chicago.

  5. Sep 13, 2019 · The Exterminator (1980), a “big fireball explosion” followed by a 65-foot leap off a cliff. Jack Gill; action designer, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator, and stuntman: When I was just ...

  6. Aug 12, 2019 · I must admit it's kind of cool for Scarecrows to have been my very first movie in Florida before I moved out here, and then cut to the year 2019, and I'm driving into Westwood, and there's this ...

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    Following the basic plot of the novel, Watership Down follows the lives of a group of rabbits as they leave their endangered warren in search of a safe new home. They travel across the English countryside, braving perilous danger, until they find a hill called Watership Down, where they begin a new warren. However, they are endangered by another warren, Efrafa, which is led by the authoritarian General Woundwort, and they are soon forced to defend their home and lives. Although the series began with elements taken from the original novel, later episodes of the first series, as well as most of the second and third were almost entirely new content, with many episodes focusing solely on new characters and situations. In addition, the third series featured a new opening sequence and somewhat altered style of animation, along with many of the original voice actors leaving, only leaving a handful of the original cast to remain. The programme became noticeably darker in tone, adding elemen...

    Watership Down was voiced by many familiar faces in British film and television. John Hurt, the voice of Hazel in the film, returned this time as the voice of General Woundwort, and Richard Briers, the voice of Fiver in the film, appeared in the series as Captain Broom. Dawn French, Jane Horrocks, Stephen Fry, Phil Jupitus and Rik Mayall all provided voices, as Buttercup, Hannah, Cowslip, Dandelion and Kehaar, respectively. To a lesser extent, the late former Boyzone member Stephen Gately, who performed the re-working of "Bright Eyes", provided the voice of Blackavar, and comedy actor Stephen Mangan provided the voice of Bigwig and later, Silverweed, replacing Tim McInnerny who provided Silverweed's voice for one episode in Series 1. Actor Kiefer Sutherland was involved and voiced a new rabbit called Hickory, but only for 3 episodes, to be replaced in Series 3 by Rob Rackstraw who also provides the voice for Captain Campion and various other characters. By Series 3, most of the cele...

    Watership Down

    1. Hazel:The main protagonist of the series. Fiver's older brother. He leads the rabbits from Sandleford and eventually becomes Chief Rabbit of Watership Down. Although Hazel is not the strongest of the Watership Down rabbits, he is one of the most intelligent of the rabbits, he is also a charismatic leader who recognizes and employs the skills of his fellow bucks to great success. He is shot while freeing the hutch rabbits at Nuthanger Farm and almost dies, but is saved by his younger brothe...

    Cowslip's Warren

    1. Cowslip:The so-called leader of the warren, there is some doubt as to whether he is insane or totally evil. Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig first encounter him when they accompany Holly to recover an injured Sandleford rabbit left there, only to learn the warren's terrible secret when Bigwig nearly becomes a victim and that the missing rabbit was a victim. He becomes angered by Hazel's warren when they help a group of his rabbits escape from his warren and even helps Woundwort to get his revenge o...

    Efrafan Rabbits

    1. Woundwort:The main antagonist of the series. A brutal and tyrannical leader who sees himself as the one doing everything for the best of his warren, Woundwort strives to destroy Hazel and his 'outsiders' because of the hope for free life they represent for his own subjects. He is a huge, burly rabbit with black, ragged fur and a blinded left eye. He deeply respects Campion, even after his betrayal by him, and he often punishes and threatens Vervain, but still values him as an adviser and l...

    Season 3

    • Season 3 Episode Titles Error Because the only countries in Europe which aired the third TV series were Germany and Greece, the fan site Thank U Stars provided translations of each episode title directly from the German titles. However sites like and tv.comhave found and used the German translated titles and the unofficial ones found on the DVD releases or on screen as they appear at the beginning of each episode, mostly because this season also aired in North America.

    Unproduced episode

    According to the official Watership Down TV series website (which is now closed) Season 2 was supposed to have an episode produced called Dandelion's Big Story, in which he would tell a story to the younger rabbits, with the roles of El-ahrairah, Prince Rainbow, etc. played by the Watership Down rabbits, while Hazel and Bigwig went to Nuthanger Farm on a raid. However, the episode was never produced and was instead replaced by Bigwig's Way. Even so, the episode title and synopsis managed to f...

    The official soundtrack for the series was produced by Mike Batt with the aid of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He had also gathered an array of stars to provide their voices for some of the songs. As well as Stephen Gately performing Bright Eyes, Art Garfunkel who had sung Bright Eyes for the film sang When You're Losing Your Way In The Rain, Cerys Matthews from the group Catatonia performed Thank You, Stars which was used in the series as a romance theme for Hazel and Primrose and Paul Carrack from the group Mike + The Mechanics performed Winter Song, though the song wasn't used, an instrumental piece was in the Winter on Watership Down two parter. Mike himself sang for the soundtrack, performing the song The View from a Hill which oddly enough was used in the series, but only in the German version and sung by an uncredited singer, and British voice actor Gary Martin provided the narration for the story of Frith's Blessing for the original release of the CD soundtrack, though i...

    Some episodes from the adaptation were released on VHS by Buena Vista Home Entertainment in 1999 and 2000 and later on video & DVD by Universal Pictures and Entertainment Rights in the UK, and on VHS and DVD in the United States by GoodTimes Entertainment and Reader's Digest Video. However, despite that, there has never been any proof showing that the show aired in the US, leading to the point where it was concluded that it didn't air in the US. In October 2005, a Region 2 DVD box set of all three seasons was released in the UK. In Australia, Umbrella Entertainment released the series on DVD.

    Bigwig's motto for the owsla is "Who Dares Wins", the motto of the SAS. The phrase was also used as an epigraph for the first story in Tales from Watership Down.

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